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Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

Bath Salts

Just warning you now – this will be a weird post. I can’t help it. It’s bothering me and I have to get it out there.

I learned a disturbing fact today. There are a new variety of illegal drugs named “Bath Salts”. I did a double take and old habits die hard so I had to check the medical sites. The main variation uses “methylenedioxypyrovalerone” (So cut and pasted that! Lol.). I never knew!! Apparently it’s a stimulant and with such misleading names like “Bath Salts” and “Meow Meow” adolescents have been drawn to these drugs. They were created originally by altering legal and prescription ingredients, but thankfully were banned in 2012. The CDC and WebMD have a few articles, while the NNEPC has a ton of information.

I had never heard of them and didn’t know that it was such a big problem until it was a sub plot line in a show I was watching. I’m not going to rush to make new labels and call my bath salts anything else, but it’s sad to think that such a safe and beneficial thing as bath salts has gotten tainted. Part of the reason that I enjoy making bath and body products for people is because I don’t need to do a ton of risk analysis on them like I had to do in the medical field. Pampering is suppose to be all comforting and uplifting. You can’t even write or say the word “pampering myself” without at least a small smile. It’s sad to see something so deadly and depressing tied to something so wonderful.

Anyway, I’m concluding this informal PSA (okay, I can’t be a smart aleck without grinning and if I’m not a smart aleck about things I’ll just get sad, so let’s all be smart alecks together!). I swear to you now, I’ll be looking into a jet pack and heading to space if anything screws with fried chicken. They have to leave fried chicken and chocolate alone. I need my happy thoughts just in case Peter Pan comes around. 😉

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