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A Little Bit About My Fur Babies

I thought I’d take a little detour and give a little glimpse into my personal life. It always slips in anyway, and I’ve mentioned my fur babies, but never given any details, so tonight I’m sharing a little about them. We have a healthy sized Dane/Lab mix (thankfully he was a runt), a male Maine Coon cat, and a female tortoiseshell cat.

Teddy, or Theodore when he’s smacking his sister upside the head, is the Maine Coon and he is the oldest. He’s pretty independent and mostly spends his days in his hiding spots, but is a little love bug for about ten minutes per night, when he gets in bed with me. I have a ton of pictures from when he was younger (10 years old now! Wow!), but I couldn’t find my back up disc that I saved the pics to so I could free up space on my phone for an update.

On rare occasions I can take him out to enjoy the fresh air and eat some grass, too. He yowls like I’m abusing him horribly as I take him back in, even if he’s on his leash, so the outings are less frequent, but he sure enjoys his tunnel when he goes out.


The next oldest is Bo, who will always be “the puppy”. He’s a rescue dog and was found in some timber in a culvert out in the country. He was so tiny when we got him that he could curl right up on the floorboard of my Saturn. It was such a tiring day for the poor baby.

We wanted to try and get him used to water while young. He was truly asleep in the next picture and it’s one of my favorite shots of him. *grin*

He’s been with us since my relapse originally began, so he’s used to my slow pace, and prefers to snuggle and sleep a lot. I figure he has to rebuild his energy because when he plays he’s like a small horse galloping and racing all around, then shaking the stuffing out of his toys, and usually knocking things over with that whip of a tail. *grin*

Bo seriously loves car rides, although he’s supposed to stick to the back seat. We took him with us when we had to drive into the city recently for some home repair items and Bo became protective enough of me that he climbed right up front. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures and then caught him at a really amusing moment.

“Oh no! They found me!”

And I love this pic, too. He’s just so happy to go for a drive.


He’s a big baby most of the time, but is incredibly protective of his home, me, and what he has decided is his domain, which includes a block each way around the house. Anything that he can see is his, in his mind. *laugh* Some days his sweet and playful antics are the only things that can get me out of bed, and when I’m really having a bad flare he curls up with me and tries to smother me with loving, which always stops the tears.

The youngest is Abby, short for Abigail. She is a little evil, I must say. We had asked for the calmest cat in the litter and ended up with a wild child that is quite a bully. She went through a phase where she kept stealing Bo’s critter toys. It was the funniest thing to see the tail of a toy suddenly disappear behind some furniture. She would drag her “kills” all over the house and it drove Bo nuts, since he’s not very good about sharing. *laugh* She always looked so proud of herself. This was one of the few times that she brought it out into the open instead of under or behind furniture.


Abby is also the happiest cat I have ever had or even seen. She won’t stop purring if she’s getting attention, even at the vet’s. The vet has to turn on water to get her to pause in the purring long enough to listen with his stethoscope. Seriously. It’s wild. Abby is the cutest sleeper too.


She loves car rides, too, as long as she’s able to run around. She gets put in the carrier for entering and exiting, but goes bonkers if the vehicle moves and she’s still enclosed. Ever since she was tiny she’s loved the driver’s seat for some reason.


Anyway, I hope you don’t mind my taking the train down a scenic route and sharing about the “kids”. They’ve really helped me during the dark times in this relapse. We’re truly blessed to have (and had) such loving animals giving us such happy moments and I hope they brought a few smiles to you, too. 🙂

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