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Daily Archives: April 4, 2018

Easter Egg Hunting SL Style and the Motorized Crapper

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In SL hunts are very popular.  Designers participate in a themed event and give something they have designed for free or a very affordable price.  It’s a generous way to help new users build their inventory and a great way of attracting new shoppers, since a lot of hunters are pixel hoarders and will shop at a store while exploring new-to-them designers.  Hunts happen all year with a variety of themes and can feature avatar components, furnishings, and even building components.  Sometimes it’s really hard to pass up a hunt and I couldn’t resist the Easter Egg Hunt at Cupid’s Textures (Slurl embedded, but they’ve moved a few times, and my internet is acting up, so I’m unable to run SL at the moment for me to double check the slurl.  If it doesn’t work and I’ve forgotten to update this, then please drop me a reminder.)  


Anyway, I was hunting the eggs containing textures (think of it as applying the picture of what you want a sphere to be – it could be a basketball, a bubble for an avatar to sit on, a beach ball, you get the picture.  The prim is the building block and the texture is applied to show what that building block is.).  I’m really bad about collecting and hoarding textures ever since I started to learn how to build and modify things, so I always hit hunts with texture prizes.  While at the shop I noticed a secondary hunt and picked them up as well.  I was surprised to unpack the second hunt’s eggs and find Easter themed motorcycles and trikes.  I’m a sucker for unique items, so I took the trike for a spin right away.

3 31 18_010



The trike cannot be modified, so I went back to see if they had a non-themed version available.  While checking through their products I could not resist one of the funniest things I have ever seen in SL.  A motorized crapper.  Seriously.  Like a scooter with a massive toilet attached and either smoke or stench filling the air.  I usually try to keep my wording mild, but the usual PC words just don’t do it justice.  I immediately bought it and had to take it for a spin, with pajamas and hair in rollers to make it a truly memorable experience.  

Hurricane 3 31 18 C_144Hurricane 3 31 18 C_150




I wasn’t ready to stop, so I decided to drive through a little hotel.  Part of me really hoped I’d run into someone to get their reaction.  LOL 

Hurricane 3 31 18 C_157



When I discovered that the hotel was empty I decided to really put the crapper to the test (no, not that!).  I hit the skateboard park and had a few startling moments when it decided to autonomously drive out of control.  It decided to drive off the end of the build and fall three “theme platforms” down before coming to a stop.  So of course I had to start again to see what would happen.  *grin*

Hurricane 3 31 18 C_186



I look forward to more adventures with my hand, dandy, motorized crapper, but in the meantime I need to google if I should also wax the toilet seat or just the porcelain before parking her in the garage…



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