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New Landscaping Part 1

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We’ve been in the middle of a massive remodeling of our property for a few weeks now.  Half way in (where this post ends) I changed my mind on the direction I wanted to go and a lot of it got picked back up.  I can’t seem to plan these out very well.  I have to just get in there and see what works.  We accidentally created a tiny water room in the midst of the land pieces, which got me obsessed with having an underground area, so after the last picture here I went and found a cave kit.  Up came the land pieces, a cave system was put in, and land was put down around it.  I have almost all of it changed now, except for needing to put out some plants and little things like that.  Even ended up changing the building at the top of the cliff.  *laugh*  I stand by the belief that as a woman I can change my mind at any point in time and SL isn’t any different.  *grin* 


New landscaping_001

We prefer to use some mesh cliff land forms, since they’re easier to manipulate than the world land, plus we can get a more realistic look.  In order to get help, I just make tons of copies of each piece and then Z could help move them into place too, so that’s why you see pancake stacks of pieces.  *laugh*  Goodbye to our little stream for now…we’ll see you next remodel.


New landscaping_002

Kind of reminds you of Legos©, doesn’t it? 


New landscaping_003New landscaping_004


At this point we had discovered the accidental cave (you can see just the tip of some blue in the middle of the land in the bottom picture.  And I stopped taking pictures at this point, since another remodel of this area was going to start the next day.  Weeks later I’m still finishing up…*laugh*  So here’s the behind-the-scenes look of the craziness that goes into our designing our little edge of our digital world into the Eden that we dream up.  Hopefully you got a few laughs at the complete oddity of this.  *smile*

New landscaping_008

New landscaping_007

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