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Landscaping Part 2

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It was brought to my attention that I had added our home’s landscaping pictures to my Flickr account and forgot to actually blog it (thank you Z!).  *facepalm* So, for those of you that like this side of my blog, here’s for you.  There will be one more part, since I still made some tweaks after this set of pictures, but the general build was becoming solid at this point.



This is at the lowest right corner of the property.  The weird looking white thing is actually a lit twig tent with a fire in front, and it looks really cute when the night setting is turned on, however, you wouldn’t have seen anything else, so I had to make the choice of a weird picture.  *grin*landscaping part 2_003


This is obviously the side that shows the above bridge’s side, along with our cliff line, just because those cliffs are so freaking amazing!  Walking them in mouselook (where you look through the avatar’s eyes) is one of the coolest walks!

landscaping part 2_004


This is at the top of the hill, which I tweaked a little bit more after this was taken.  I tried a few different buildings, but this is the one I landed on.landscaping part 2_006


This is the look down as you walk down from the plateau on the left side of the above picture.  It has stairs to go down to the house or you can stop at the landing and take the ladder down into the new cave system that was installed (next post)

landscaping part 2_007


This is once you hit the bottom with some rezzing spots, plants, and later on I added a seating area.  The slight sideways front view of the cliffs was kind of cool to me, so I had to include this shot.

landscaping part 2_008


This is the lower level if you walk straight past the tractor/house in the above picture.  The pond comes with a willow that isn’t quite as pretty compared to most of our landscaping choices, and the animations and scripts are built into that willow, so I didn’t feel like fighting modifying to a different tree.  Instead I just moved an HPMD lit tree to the very back edge of the willow, so all of the anims and poses work perfectly still.  *pats back for creative thinking* 

landscaping part 2_025


And another shot of the pond, but a little more of the detail plus the super cute open canoe cuddling seat/bed, to sit and watch the twinkling lights when an evening WL is selected.  🙂  (By the way, most landscaping features are either HPMD or Studio Skye, with flowers predominately from Heart Botanicals.)

landscaping part 2_026


Caves come next and then the final version.  A few may overlap a little, since there are minor tweaks and it’ll be hard to keep track of honestly.  *grin*  Just wanted to warn you.  Make sure to check out the gorgeous caves though!!

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