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Daily Archives: July 31, 2018

Facebook and WordPress

I just wanted to write a quick note for those of you who read my posts via the auto-publication to Facebook. Due to changes Facebook is initiating tomorrow, August 1st, where third-party tools like WordPress can no longer share posts on Facebook. If you’re on FB, you know that I am seldom on there, and just let the system auto-post on my behalf, so I will probably only manage to remember to manually share posts every so often. *laugh* Therefore, if you’re interested in continuing to read and see my blog posts, please head over to my site and subscribe, at You can alternately hit the site when you feel like looking and just click the “my blog” tab, without selecting any of the attached pages that come up in the drop down menu. The one click at the top of that tab will do it for you. (The others just explain what the blog is, since it’s not just about the bath and body products.)

I just wanted to give a heads up before things change, in case you like seeing the weird things I’m up to or the business updates and shenanigans. 🙂

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