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Miss Ash came and helped me do some packaging and deciding on table layouts. *smile* I’ve been laying here sick as can be and thinking about what we accomplished, since I’m doubting I’ll be able to sleep for awhile.

Between the two of us all 24 bags that include two soaps for “lump of coal” are bagged and tagged. They actually fill an entire holiday basket, so a very enthusiastic Ash said that she will make a sign next week with the price when she is here. Not my style with the hearts and stuff that she mentioned (clarification: I’m totally corny and love cheerful decorations, but not when it involves either of my businesses), but she was so excited that there was no way to even caution to keep it low key. *smile* Thinking on it I realize that I need to not be so straight-laced about the presentation. I am the one that put erotic dice and couples coupons in the seduction gift basket and went with Sex in the Shower and Fruity Patootie for scent names. Lol. So we tried some tinsel garland around the baskets that hold various products (I’m using the metal baskets that hung in my craft book to hold the stuff even now and will leave stuff in the baskets when I pack, so set up is a breeze), I found a tiny bucket with a hand painted snowman face on it to hold my tester spatulas, and bows and ribbon to decorate some of the products. I won’t put the adhesive bows on anything until event set up, since they’d be killed in transport anyway. We made a few adjustments from what I had imagined, but I think it’ll all look really good.

One thing that is stumping me though is my banner. I got a 4 foot banner printed, put the adhesive loops on it today, and then tried a few different ways to hang the sign from a table. Um, epic fail, as they say. When string is used, tied to the back legs and draping the banner on the front, the banner buckles. I tried taping the loop areas to the tablecloth and the whole kit and caboodle slid off the table, including the products that were on there. Lol. It was a long shot anyway, but didn’t expect it to pull everything off. *grin* Tying the banner to the front legs just lets it slide right down to the floor, as I figured, but wanted to honestly say that I tried all obvious possibilities. Lol. When I had a booth with a banner at an event for my consulting business I had a back wall that I could hook it into. This is a church event, which I didn’t really take into account during the planning. *rolling eyes* Yeah, anymore for every great idea I get I have five “um” moments. *wry smile* If you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to provide them! I’m certainly not in a smart streak at the moment. Lol.

I love how my Fisherman’s Soap samples turned out. I have trouble selling the awesome (seriously, it really is) soap because it is expensive due to the star anise EO in it, so I thought the other day of pouring a batch into the lump of coal mold. Friday evening I shrink wrapped all of them and later today I hope to label and price them. I honestly really love shrink wrapping. Lol. Nerds like the simple amusements of life, too. *teasing smile* I thought Miss Ash would be so excited to watch the wrappers create the cool seal on the soaps, but she wasn’t. I admit that I felt a little odd about being giddy over the shrinking when a kid wasn’t, so I stopped until after she left. You better believe I got the blow dryer going as soon as they were down the driveway! Lol. It gives an odd sense of accomplishment to have the wrapper cinch down. *grin* Some people like popping bubble wrap; just leave me with stuff to shrink wrap.

I admit that I couldn’t control my gasp when I saw her drop one of the cake soaps into a bag instead of easing it in carefully, making sure not to mess up the top, etc. Thankfully I didn’t like how it looked in zip lock anyway, so I gingerly removed it and will experiment with a cello bag later. I didn’t realize it until it happened, but I’m protective of my final version of the soaps. Lol. I couldn’t play off the gasp, but managed to smoothly end the packaging of those. By the way, I’m looking at truffle boxes to safely package these soaps for shipping. If I box them in those, then put them in the mailer with peanuts or paper filler, and the postman actually adheres to the fragile and this side up signs, then it might just work. So please don’t give up hope yet Aunt Ina! : ) I have to figure out a way to ship to CA anyway, so it’s a high priority. They even came out cheaper than I expected, although I may have to adjust if the boxes are more than my customary packaging. I will keep you posted though!

I still need to make some holiday themed baskets. I got my delivery from Oriental Trading of basket bags, the coal drawstring bags (odd note on those – Dollar Tree had better quality of them than these), and a variety of bandanas to line baskets. “Sweet Treats” will be a really fun basket to assemble. With the holiday patterned basket bags to cover the basket, I think these baskets will be so adorable!

I’ve been playing with name ideas still and think I came up with a real winner. “Anything but simple”. I honestly was thinking of personality traits and characters, and that came to mind. That will be perfect for a new custom blend. *smile* I really look forward to that one, so that I have a signature scent for myself that represents what I think about myself. Lol. Also came up with “Be my baby” for a baby safe item (ugh, probably have to be lavender *wrinkling nose*). Originally I thought of Baby Mine, but figure the song and movie probably copyrighted that line. I want to come up with a “Be mine tonight” to add to the seduction basket too. Once that popped into my head I couldn’t shake it and knew where it would go perfectly. Lol. The worst scent that I can’t come up with a name for is licorice. I don’t really want to name a lotion “lump of coal lotion”. *grin* It’s tempting so that I can just be done with the ornament soaps and lotion that need labels. I also want to come up with a name that includes fairies for a super soft blend that I want to make. “Fairy dust” is a copyrighted name, but I still want to stick with fairy in the name. I can’t give a logical explanation for it, but then again, I don’t have to! *sassy grin* I also need to finally decide between “Ginger girls”, “Gingersnap girls”, or “Gingerbread Girls” for a soap. I’m leaning toward leaving as just Ginger Girls, since the scent is so complex and neither gingerbread or snap specifically. There is all the spicy sweetness, but doesn’t fit the expected scent profile that I have. Any opinions?

Anyway, I have tons left on my to do list, but am impressed I’ve gotten this much accomplished. I even started gathering and packing what I need to take, like business cards and signs, etc. I just keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race. I really need to quit making stuff that I want to experiment on (dang need to learn something new constantly!) and focus on priority things for now. I just need to decide if linen/room spray is a priority too, so I can please both parts. *grin*

Anyway, thanks for bearing with my random thoughts and commentary. As always, replies, suggestions, and ideas are greatly appreciated. It means a whole lot and helps me think outside the box more often. *grin* Sweet dreams, happy falling back, and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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