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The left one is the kids tin and the right is the “Twilight Trio” with limited bonus of 4 bookmarks and a package of stickers of Jacob and Edward. I only have a few of the bookmark and sticker packages. I’m hoping that I get some interest in the Twilight products with the new movie coming out within a week of the event. I had a goal of a few Christmas baskets with Santa’s Tree Farm and Christmas Wreath Room and Linen Sprays. I would like to also have a bag of the lump of coal soap and something using Santa’s Workshop scent. I’d like to also include Spiced Gumdrops (I’m playing with what name I want or to leave as this) in a lotion or bubble wash, then include the Gingersnap Cookies sugar scrub. I’ve thought about doing something with a peppermint chocolate blend too, similar to the yummy smell of mint hot chocolate. I’m not sure if I’ll get the items and baskets done in time for the event, but I’ll at least add to the website. I just love to look at the festive prints and themes of what I have managed to complete *smile* It’s those small blessings we are suppose to remember to appreciate during the holidays anyway.

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