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Due to not selling as much as hoped, I have a lot of leftovers. I had to bring out another bookcase (my poor books…) just to hold the abundance of prepared products. I still have a little that doesn’t fit. Lol. Whew! Ironically, despite the leftovers, I need to make more of the two soaps that I sold out of. I’m like a little store now *grin*

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  1. Everything looks great. I’m surprised things did not sell better than it did.


    • Thank you! I’m hoping that people are planning to order closer to the holidays. I noticed a lot of people focusing on Longaberger baskets (one of my neighboring booths) and a weight loss kit a few spots down. I wonder if maybe people were intimidated by the abundance of vendors in a small space. I had a teenage guy asking questions and talking for awhile, too, so maybe that deterred a few too. I’m glad I at least got what I did, don’t get me wrong. Lol. I just keep running through everything to see where the weaknesses were, so that I can fix those if possible.



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