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Hi, my name is Georgia, and I am addicted to lists and planning. Lol. I just can’t help myself. Somehow creating a list soothes me. I will be honest and admit that sometimes I delete lists just so that I can remake them.

In light of this addiction I have tons of physical and virtual lists of things I want to do and make in my “lab” as my own version of a mad scientist. I added a new inspiration to my list that I’m so excited about that I just have to share.

I can’t wait to get some umph and create some mint chocolate bars of soap. I want to make some green and brown layered soaps to mimic an Andes mint. I make mint cocoa massage and body oils, so I have a great equation for the FOs all ready. I like mixing the visual and scent aspects of soap, as you can tell from my surprise soaps and what not, and I’m hoping that I can pull these off. I’ve been thinking over how to redo my dessert cake soaps for having on hand, since they don’t store well, so I’ll make them when I get orders, and have a different variation on hand. Well, thinking of making chocolate and strawberry layered soap, to follow the scent profile of the dessert cake soaps, I quickly went to some of my favorite desserts and got so excited when I could just see in my mind these gorgeous soaps. A luscious dark brown and a brilliant green layer. Instead of a sandwich I may leave it at two layers if I totally suck, but I’ve done other layered soaps that turned out wonderfully, so I think I just need to decide what is more visually striking to me.

I admit that I haven’t made the bath cookies yet. *sigh* I’m still so excited about them and have been listing options (see, even lists for each idea lol) for what to sprinkle on them to help them look neat. I’m afraid that if I don’t add some herbal topping that they’ll look like over baked sugar cookies or dried play doh. Lol. I’ve been debating what will be nice in bath water, instead of just making it pretty. I sketched a cookie with anise on it, but thought that it would seriously suck to have to clean that out of the tub. I’ve always been so careful to think about my exciting ideas from a user point of view, hence finding my bath tea bags and things like that. So, I’m thinking about experimenting with the new fine iridescent white sparkles to act like sugar. I’m going to roll them in the glitter, like a peanut butter cookie, and bake, and hopefully they’ll resemble a pretty version of sugar. I want something a little more eye catching than just using sugar. If a customer doesn’t rinse the tub could they get ants after using, because of the sugary water residue? *grin* See why I also have a list of devil’s advocate arguments. Lol. I could always use bath salts, but the girly part of me really wants to try out the glitter. *shaking head at self with a laugh* I think sparkly bath cookies would be an adorable addition to the girl combos and would be so adorable to little girly girls. *smile* If the slightly goth and morbid me thinks this glitter is adorable and gets all dorky about it, I figure I have a good chance that little girls will like it too. Lol.

Anyway, that’s a bit of my musings and a small confession that isn’t really a secret to anyone that knows me. *grin* (Btw, don’t you dare tease me about this Dude – you know who you are. *grin*) I have a list of ideas, a few of what to take for events, a ton of to-dos (bless the iPhone 4 reminders app), my previously admitted ones, scent names, and what spreadsheets I want to make. (Yeah, yeah. I all ready admitted that I’m a nerd that loves a spreadsheet, so shush.) In the meantime I’m writing ideas of what to post on Pinterest now that I’ve been invited. I seriously need to quit trolling and replying to questions on other people’s pins regarding EOs and what not. *grin* Have a great day. If you’re on Pinterest today, don’t be surprised to run across georgiasbath trolling. It’s another confessed behavioral quirk 😉

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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