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Daily Archives: May 2, 2012

Mechanic Soap V2


Any opinions on which shape/size is preferable? The guest rounds are handy and fairly cheap, since they’re smaller, but I personally like a big bar when I use a “purpose” soap to accomplish something other than pampering. Any opinions? 🙂 Thank you in advance for any comments!

Mechanic Soap V2 follow up

Larry tested the new version of mechanic soap and it works wonderfully! *happy dance* It removed the Goodyear plant muck, which is so hard to do, and works a little better than my sugar scrub. The exfoliants worked well without being too harsh, he said his skin was still moist, and he liked the texture. Awesome! I’m so happy about it. For once he liked the scent and said it should definitely be one of my items. He didn’t notice a mess in the bottom of the tub, either, which was one of my biggest concerns. My second helper had some issues pouring the soaps, but I have a new recipe completed and will make a nice round of soaps soon to replace the experimental batch. Oh yeah ^5

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