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Daily Archives: May 27, 2012

Piña Colada Rainbow Soap


Here they are! The guest rounds are the party favors that I completed and shipped, while the ballerinas are a one-time production for the birthday girl. There are little details that bother me about the soaps, like this embed seems to have softer edges inside the soap, etc, but they definitely turned out pretty. Larry commented during the creation and set up periods about the house smelling like a tropical bar. What a fun air freshener scent for your house! I was admittedly tickled with the frequent remark. I find embeds to be a very fun challenge and look forward to more experimentation soon.

Quarterly taxes

I’ve spent a few hours during the past week getting my quarterly tax paperwork ready and updating my – wait for it – spreadsheets (*grin* you knew it was coming, right?). As I was creating a new spreadsheets to track different sale locations, since they have different percentages of tax due, and figuring up the amount I owe for each, then tracking if I paid (I figure it’s a great reminder to not be late lol), I was sectioning out each quarter to make it easier come tax time. Um, no wonder our government is messed up. They can’t even count to three correctly. *impish smile* I had to redo my third quarter line a few times until I was sure that I had it correct. There are four months in that round, whereas April and May are the only ones in their quarter. No wonder I started second guessing myself that I needed to get my final tallies done this week! Lol. Some days I wonder if I should go back to doing this strictly for fun and not for profit. It really isn’t so bad as I get used to things, but little things like this certainly throw me off for a bit. *grin*

One nice thing to this is that my citywide garage sales will be the start of a new quarter. For some reason it feels like a great way to start a new period. I just hope that it goes better than last year. Thankfully this year I’m on the town map (don’t know why it’s called a citywide when we’re definitely far from being a city *sassy smirk*) and coupled with my tables being on Main Street I think I have a decent chance at some sales. Plus I’m going to have a much better table layout and some event sales experience. Larry just finished assembling my organizer (technically a shoe organizer, but I think it’ll be perfect for neatly separating soaps and lotions without being so overwhelming) and I’m really excited about it. I can even put the cash box behind the organizer, so customers won’t see it and I’m not bending down to do change under the table. I don’t know if either helper will make it, but I refuse to worry about it. *smile* That epiphany from awhile back is still working wonders, so I’m staying pretty calm about the event. I have almost all of my rolling tote packed, paperwork printed, and little things gathered. I need to finish getting the signs looking neat (one thing I’m going to stay super professional about) and hopefully make a few last product examples, like the latest version of goat’s milk lotion. I even got a wood apple bushel basket which I think will be adorable for holding bath items! I have a bag of crinkles from when I stocked up that I’m going to put in the bottom with a pretty cloth to cover it. Perfect! I’m so happy with everything!

I also got all of the party favors made and shipped, as well as a few gifts for the birthday girl. I may not have made everything that I had planned, but I’m very happy with being in such a good place. I hope that this contentment may touch you, as well, and that you have a beautiful holiday.

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