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Daily Archives: January 20, 2018

H P Mallory

My mind right now is much like going down the rabbit hole, so prepare yourself for a week of wildly unrelated subjects, until I get a little more used to my new meds. Consider yourself warned and hopefully you enjoy the ride. *laugh*

I’d like to introduce you to an awesome author today that has some really fun books in a couple genres, but is legitimately an awesome person from all of the interviews and blurbs I’ve read. I’ve followed her writing for years, since her stories are less predictable for me, and her price point has always been so affordable. To top it all off, she’s a self published author (or started out that way. I stopped stalking interviews and went for the books after I got addicted. Lol). I have massive respect for indie authors and try to support them when I can.

Now, her stuff is a little steamier than I would normally discuss or promote on here, but I’ll stick to the innocent stuff and let you take a look here on your own to see if you might be interested. (If you know paranormal romance and a little cursing just isn’t your thing, please skip the rest of today’s post.) I’ll start with pics for some of the first books in her series (I checked – that’s how the dictionary said to put the plural, so it’s not my fault it looks weird when I’m talking about three different sets of books!).

When I was notified that she has branched into two sassy affirmation books, I hurried to order and support her. Now, these are definitely sassy, so if a bit of cursing or eye candy bothers you, don’t click the link. *laugh* One is an adult coloring book with an affirmation on each page. I actually use the coloring as therapy to help with getting better control of my tremor and grip, plus the humor and coloring is great for stress relief. The second has some of the same affirmations, but have a different pairing with the affirmation. Here is the description with kind of a nicer take on curse words…

So, if you’re a bit sassy and could use some affirmations, but need humor or coloring to help you remember to read some, check out Speak It Into Existence and we’ll just call the other Affirmations for linking purposes. Lol

You’ll get gems like:

Originally I truly did get these two books to be supportive, but they really make me laugh, so I wanted to share despite the risqué content and wording. If you’re a Charlaine Harris fan, I think you’ll definitely love the e-books and you’ll probably find some laughs with the paperback affirmations. If you’d like to read more about Ms. Mallory, please check out her website. She runs some great sales and some are even in the Kindle Unlimited program if you subscribe (if you read a lot, it is SO worth the subscription!!).

Anyway, I’m sorry if any of this was a little too taboo for any followers, but think she deserves a big kudos for really bringing indie authorship into the limelight and I also think that sometimes we just need something funny to help get us over the bad days. 🙂

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