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The other day I found a comfy gamer’s hoodie in my Second Life inventory while sorting (a never ending battle when you collect freebies, hit the sales, hunt for gifts, and can’t resist building supplies to improve our pixel home).  After wandering the grid, picking up my goodies, I thought I’d have some fun by checking out some more places at Backdrop City.  I definitely need to take Bre back in outfits that match the themes, but I was having fun and honestly didn’t want to go back through my inventory to find the perfect outfits.  *laugh*

So first I figured a hoodie and leggings meant I should check out more of the gym area first and have her work out while I’m too sick to do so in real life (RL).  *grin* The designers have put some really fun animations into the furniture and if I wish I could have caught a short video of the full motions.  Some were just hilarious with her bouncing back and forth, while swinging punches and dodging.



I couldn’t resist checking out the Crime and Blood area and happened to have just gotten a new pose that was perfect for the first shot.  Yeah, I know that I’m thoroughly morbid.  *laugh* A nice bloody heart goes well with game over, which amused me even more due to the gaming top.  I just wish I had caught the noose above the “M” better.  Maybe I’ll go back with my bloody nurse outfit and see if I can convince my friend Luke to be my victim.  Hmm…that’ll be an interesting conversation.  *grin*


How Bre ended up in the tub scene I’m still not sure, but thought it was a pretty set up, so I’ll definitely be going back, maybe in a little burlesque-type outfit.  Sometimes I accidentally click random areas when my muscles twitch, so I end up putting Bre in some weird spots, like inside walls or bathtubs.  LOL


The rose petals reminded me that I hadn’t finished checking out the girly area and I got to use another pose that I found on sale for just 1L.  Bre is definitely the pixel version of my mental self, so sarcasm and orneriness is often my go-to in SL too.  Sometimes you just have to wear a sassy shirt and stick your tongue out at the world while shaking the day off.

Bre at backdrop_013

By the end of the night I found a cute snuggly pose built into the scene and took advantage to get a sweet little picture to finish our little adventure.

Bre at backdrop_007

Now for the credits:

Gym, Game Over, and Bathtub pics:

Location: Backdrop City Gym (All poses built in unless otherwise noted)

Body, feet, and hands: Maitreya: Lara (In all pictures)

Head and eyes: LeLutka: Simone 3.0 (In all pictures)

Skin and Makeup applier: League – Amaia Medium (Skin In All Pictures)

Shape: Own (In All Pictures)

Glasses: EarthStones Jewelry: Countess Glasses

Nail Applier: Hello Dave: Nude to Me Gloss

Hair: Truth: Ambriel (June VIP GG)

Pants: Neve: leggings in deedee neutral

Shoes: {Poeme}: Double Happy Canvas Chucks (White) – Previous The Wash Cart Sale

Top: [D2T Designs]: WomenStuff Hoodie

Ring: Slipper – Bella Ring (Former Hunt Item)

Pose in Game Over: CURELESS[+] Valentine’s Heart (v.1)


Sassy and Suitcase Pictures; all in both pictures unless otherwise noted:

Body, feet, and hands: Maitreya: Lara

Head and eyes: LeLutka: Simone 3.0

Skin and Makeup applier: League – Amaia Medium

Shape: Own

Glasses: EarthStones Jewelry: Countess Glasses

Nail Applier: Hello Dave: Nude to Me Gloss

Hair: Truth: Carla (February VIP GG)

Ring: Slipper – Bella Ring – Former Hunt Item

Shirt: Facepalm Clothing Company: +FCC+ Brutal Honesty Ladies

Pants: *Just BECAUSE* Designer Jeans – Midnight

Shoes: {Poeme} Double Happy Canvas Chucks (White) – Previous The Wash Cart Sale

Location: Backdrop City: Girly/Kawaii

Pose in Sassy picture: GingerFish Poses (on MP) – Black Love


By the way lady gamers, Neve is having their Spring half off sale until the 19th, so if you bought the half off gift cards on Black Friday, this is a great time to use that credit!  I got a ton of clothing packs for a quarter of the cost this way.  I’ll be putting them to use in my next visit to Backdrop.  Maybe that’ll occupy me while I am trying to get into the Skin Fair.  In the meantime, happy pampering and gaming! 🙂

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