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Witchwood and Rustic Retreat

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I decided to wander through a few areas to get inspiration for a renovation of our landscaping at home, so after I hit Petit Mort for this week’s 50L sale, I wandered out into their new sim.  The new sim is shared with Oubliette and they have made it into a beautiful sim to wander, not just shop.  It was a little busy, so I stopped in the woods for a quick picture, and then headed out.  Note: I was feeling sassy the other night and found this amusing little outfit at Epoch.  The bum has a smart aleck comment about rolling “some”.  Hence the peace and love pose, but the real focus is their incredibly gorgeous sim!

(If you’ve been following my blog long term, then you have probably read about the incredible help Marinol has been for my Fibro and vomiting, and that I have found a ton of international research about strains of the real stuff that is cultivated to combat Fibro symptoms without the high, so I’m a supporter of getting medicinal approved.  I totally understand that everyone has their own feelings about this and that is totally cool.  I respect yours and appreciate your respect of mine.  I do tend to get sassy items about it in SL just because it amuses me.  lol)

Bre 3 15 18 stoner_002


I usually change outfits every day, but hit the sale first thing, so I didn’t have a chance to change.  Therefore I TPed home, threw on one of my favorite Facepalm tees (okay, they’re all favorites since they’re so sarcastic *laugh*), and then I wandered the new-to-me sim of Rustic Retreat.  This sim is absolutely incredible!  There is a cute little fire pit area at the landing point with built in poses in the seats around it, a peacock wandering about, and a great blend of plants.

Bre 3 15 18 stoner_006


I wandered down the path behind the hangout and found the most enchanting areas.  Straight forward led to a gorgeous waterfall by Sweet Revolutions, while down another path was an enchanting area of statues, plants that shoot beautiful sparks all about, and an arch that reminded me of Stargate.  There are so many stunning spots, including a serene fountain in the woods with a few beams of light breaking through the canopy.  This is how I want our landscape to feel!

Bre 3 15 18 stoner_001

Bre 3 15 18 stoner_002

So beautiful, right?!  Perfect for RP photo shoots, enjoying the peaceful feeling of the sim, or even a romantic adventure.


Bre 3 15 18 stoner_029

It’s hard to show the beauty when it’s static pixels.  When touched the bud started shooting these balls of light that bounced all about.


Bre 3 15 18 stoner_034Bre 3 15 18 stoner_039

Please note that I used the Annan Adored Lights Explosion WL for these pics.  Although the place is stunning with CalWL, I thought this area deserved a windlight that celebrated the magical feeling of the built in lights.  The next time I change Bre into a fairy I am SO coming back to this spot! *grin*


Bre 3 15 18 stoner_010

I couldn’t resist the Indiana Jones vibe of this pathway.  And in case you’re trying to read today’s chosen sarcasm, the tee says “This too shall pass.  It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.” *laugh* Now that I know how beautiful this sim is I will dress up for the ocassion next time.


Bre 3 15 18 stoner_024

Bre 3 15 18 stoner_022

Here’s the gorgeous waterfall area.  This would make an awesome proposal or a small partnering ceremony location, in my opinion.  I’m definitely going to park Bre here while I work on sorting my inventory, from now on!


I hope you take a few moments, Second Lifers, to check out this amazing sim and if you have a few spare lindens, there’s a wishing well near the path for donations.





And now for the credits:

In all pictures Bre is wearing –

Skin and Makeup applier: League – Alessa Medium

Body, feet, and hands: Maitreya – Lara

Head and eyes: LeLutka – Simone 3.0

Shape: Own

Glasses: EarthStones Jewelry – Countess

Ring: Slipper – Bella Ring (Former Hunt Item)

Hairs: Truth (styles noted in each section)



At Witchwood:

Hair: Truth – VIP October (Makena)

Tattoo: Ripley Bay Tattoos –  Love Locked Tattoos

Outfit: .epoch. Jaylee set in stoner

Shoes: {Poeme} Double Happy Canvas Chucks (White)

Pose: *!R.O!* Love and Peace BENTO pose (on MP)

Location: Petite Mort at Witchwood with Oubliette


Rustic Retreat:

TRUTH – Natalie – Redhead

Shirt: Facepalm Clothing Company – +FCC+ Mabon

Pants: WoW Secrets – Mesh Skinny Jeans in Grey

Shoes: -KC- Jacy Sneakers

Poses: entangled poses – Willow, Sage, Rosette; On Sim – built into wheelbarrow;

.::Nanika::. – Waiting for you pose Gift

Location: Rustic Retreat



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