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I’ve been needing some distraction from real life lately and have overworked my body trying to clean (and get over the continual cycle of getting viruses lol), so I’ve been on the computer a lot lately.  Naturally that means I’ve been on SL a lot lately, since there are so many things to do, especially now that I know about the fun of photography and windlights.  Therefore I’ve had more time to spend with my roommates; Zilch, Sylo, and Luke.  Since Luke can be on a lot I’ve been dragging him around to try out my new photography goodies.


A while back we got partnered on SL (the SL version of married, although they usually last a hot minute and are over lol).  We’re in committed relationships in RL and flirting makes us both uncomfortable, so it seemed like a perfect solution.  We can hang out, take cute or romantic pics without it being questionable, and I get to tell him what to wear.  (Sometimes that would be nice to be able to do in RL, right?  Sometimes you can’t help but raise a brow and wonder if they used to dress like that for dates without you noticing.  *grin*)  Anyway, the arrangement has made things so much easier, since neither of us have to deal with strangers hitting on us, and it’s nice to have a partner to dance with on the rare occasion I want to get all fancy.  He hasn’t been on SL for overly long, so I’m helping him build his inventory with reasonable deals or freebies.  Since there are few male SL blogs it seems like, I am totally encouraging him to post some SL oriented blog posts, in hopes of helping fill that gap (and I pay for my site, so why not share and get my money’s worth?! *laugh*).


Without further ado (and without credits today, sorry!), here’s my smart aleck sidekick…


Bre and L 3 23 18_085

Okay, so maybe we’re both smart alecks.  *grin*


Bre and L 3 23 18_071

I couldn’t resist such a cute shot in the beautiful scene.  I might have to do this one again with formal outfits, because it just seems perfect for a prom-like shot.


Bre and L 3 23 18_057

We had to get a little silly while checking out the mystery section at Backdrop City (this place is constantly expanding and is quickly becoming a favorite place!  (If you want the link, I have it in previous gaming posts, in the credits.  And if you like Luke’s lazy superhero shirt, just grab the *Facepalm Clothing Company* slurl in those posts.)


After I unpacked my March DecoCrate mystery box, which included a cute little stone sitting area with shamrocks in pots, I bullied him into taking a picture of the super cute built in pose of the included bench.

Bre and L 3 23 18_004


If you’d like credits, don’t hesitate to comment and I’ll add them.  I’m just not sure if any SL users are actually reading these posts, so I don’t want to put a long list of details on a post if they’re not useful to others.  *laugh*


I hope you’re having a great weekend!  I think I’ll go bully him into checking out another area of Backdrop with me…

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