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An adorable lace dress was blogged about on one of my favorite SL blogs, FabFree, the other day.  I couldn’t resist wearing it while wandering the grid on my own the other night, when I couldn’t sleep and needed a distraction from my Fibro flare.  Although I went with the bohemian barefoot feeling, I want to try it out with a country twist to it.  If it looks bad, no one will ever know thankfully.  *laugh*


Bre and L 3 23 18_110b

I discovered a new-to-me pose shop with an incredible sim for photography, so I couldn’t resist a pic with the sweet, lightly moss covered, couples statue.  If you get a chance to check out Luane’s World, I totally recommend it.  When I saw Love’s picture taken here when she blogged about the dress (she’s one of the main FabFree bloggers), I had to see this sim for myself.  Her picture was way prettier, but I’m learning and now that I know about such a gorgeous place, I will be wandering around the sim whenever I want a pretty nature scene.


Bre and L 3 23 18_131

This windlight (WL) is a little darker, which added to the fairy tale feeling in my opinion.  Believe it or not, this incredible scene is actually part of the wooded pathway that Z and I worked on!  We both really like to landscape, although I get antsy to change it up a lot more often than he would prefer, I’m sure.  *grin* It’s hard to change it now, because it is so dang amazing!  I can’t help but totally cheese over how awesome our project turned out.


Bre and L 3 23 18_109

Although I was using an evening WL, and the dress texture distorted due to the pose, it still turned out so pretty that I had to share it.  Again, this is part of our own landscape!


Bre and L 3 23 18_141Bre and L 3 23 18_147

I have so many hairstyles from Truth that I had to see what another one would look like and think this one is even prettier in this instance.  I finally put out this adorable enchanting landscaping scene that came in this month’s DecoCrate, with lit butterflies and soft lights draped from the tree, and mushrooms, grass, and a sleeping deer (not pictured).  I decided to make the bottom picture my desktop wallpaper for Easter.  Since I realized that I had cut out the sweet deer, I got back on and took another picture, which is why I’m in a little sundress and have my Celtic tattoo arm bands.  Sorry for the lack of continuity!

Bre and L 3 23 18_167

I just love this little landscaping piece, so I think when I change up the landscape this will get added to the fairy circle area.  I may be a tough smart aleck, but I have my mushy moments, especially if it has to do with anything Celtic or fairy related.  I blame it on my Irish ancestry.  *grin*


I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of my “other life”.  If any readers are SL users that would like credits, then please let me know and I’ll go back to listing and linking.  On the flip side, if y’all are getting tired of seeing gaming, let me know and I’ll cut back on the sharing.  Since we meet with our social worker on Friday hopefully there’ll be some updates on our adoption journey soon!  *crossing fingers*  If you’re inclined, prayers for progress and in finding Kiddo are appreciated more than words can convey.  In the meantime, I’m hoping I feel inspired and motivated enough to finish updating the website.  I’m honestly so fixated on all my thoughts and hopes for the adoption that my attention seldom lands on my products, unfortunately.  Hopefully we get good news, I can actually stop catching viruses for a bit, and then I can gather up a few spoons-worth to let my creativity come back out to play, since I truly do want to work on the Monster Line.  I wrote it and finishing updating my website down on my to-do spreadsheet (yep, still making the spreadsheets lol), so it’s in writing that I will put my mad scientist gear back on and get back to some fun options for pampering!  🙂

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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  1. It is very refreshing to see a post showcasing clothing and design that is not just a list of the items in the photo. You took the time to write you thoughts and feelings and that makes a huge difference. From an interested reader, thank you!



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