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A Hurricane Hits SL

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From March 31st into April 1st I had the most incredible immersive experience in SL ever.  A designer did some very creative scripting to create a multi-staged hurricane on the Asphyxiation Point sim.  I had a rough weekend, so I had planned to escape into organizing Bre’s inventory, but when I saw Strawberry Singh vlogging about it on YouTube I ditched the organizing and had to check this unique experience out.  In my 10 plus years on SL I have never came across the talent or creativity in a designer to create an actual sim wide non-static event like this.  It was truly the most incredible four hours, so settle in for a slow loading page, because I’m going picture (slideshows) crazy on this post.  *grin*


It all started out pretty nice with a light rain and rescue personnel preparing in the upper parts, until the sky suddenly darkened and the rain began to fall hard and fast, quickly beginning to flood the lower portion of the Point.  

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The winds began to shift and it seemed like rain was coming from all directions.  People began to crowd together as the sky continued to darken.  The lighthouse beacon became diffused by the rain.

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The storm raged and the water began to climb within an hour of that soft, deceptive rain storm.  The lower portion of the Point was a scary reminder of the effects of flash flooding; murky water soon stood six feet deep and destroyed the fire station, theater, and homes alike.  Soon the ocean surged over the banks.  

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The hurricane hit so fast that some people became stranded, a few even waiting on top of vehicles.  At 6PM (SLT) the lead rescue personnel announced that he was going back to the courthouse since he wasn’t able to see much anyway.  His conversation over the radio with rescue personnel based out of the courthouse at the higher level of the Point could barely be heard over the storm.  “…Any update on when we expect the eye of the storm?…That’s probably the best time to mount a rescue…”

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After an hour of watching the torrential rain destroy the lower Point the eye of the storm approached.  The lead rescue personnel reminded everyone to not be fooled…”The storm is not over by any means.  We are just in the eye is all.  But it does give us an opportunity to launch rescue missions for those marooned.”  Rescuers headed down the ramp to awaiting boats, while some were mesmerized by the beautiful sky and once-again gentle rain (yep, I was totally in the some group).   Civilians watched as the rescuers brought back people who told the watchers about waiting on top of cars or climbing to other high spots while waiting for rescue.

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A few people stood their ground and deterred looting while the basement apartments, slums, and seedy underground all became fully submerged.

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Rescuers were startled to discover a body caught up in debris in an alley.  The first casualty of the hurricane.  (For modesty’s sake there were no close ups or pictures taken of the body’s recovery.)

Z11Hurricane 3 31 18 C_033



Lightning began to streak across the sky, as if to warn that this storm wasn’t over.  All too soon the rain began to pelt the rescuers who raced to finish a last run before the back of the storm forced them to return to higher ground.  

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As the storm began to rage again the ambulance transported the survivors to the courthouse, where a makeshift shelter had been assembled.  With a last look I teleported home.  The hurricane continued for a while longer, with recovery and cleanup scheduled for later.

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Note: Names have been removed for privacy, but due to the immersive role play experience I felt that the other avatars were a vital part of the event and included them.  If you are one of the avatars and would prefer to not have your avatar displayed, please do not hesitate to contact me privately via email at


Although I do not role play, this was an incredible in-world experience and served as a reminder of how quickly a hurricane can devastate an area in the real world.  This is one of those instances where SL truly touches and changes you.

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