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Since I buy the landscaping pieces, but Z is the land owner that can actually landscape (and, although I’ll never say this out loud, he has a better hand at landscaping as well), I usually just rez all the pieces out in a prim clearing, so it’s easy to see what items we have, and then I can just rez a copy for him to move into place.  Whenever we decide to work outside the middle of our property becomes a massive mess of landscape pieces, vegetation, Jian animals, and outbuildings.  So when I ran across a “tractor” at a spring fair the other day, I knew it would be a fun vehicle to pull out of the inventory for moments like this. 


Honestly, I’m also just a sucker for anything funny or weird.  *laugh*  I literally have a folder named “Funny crap” that is stuffed full of things like a doughnut launcher, tin foil hats, a moonshine jug with animation, zombie fishing pole (yep, a brain as a lure; it’s awesome to pull that one out when others RP as zombies *smirk*), and even have a wearable port-a-potty that lets me throw rolls of tp at others via mouselook.  


So I decided to throw out some home improvement decor among the rocks and then ride around in my tractor.  My odd antics usually cheer up the roommates and always makes projects more entertaining.  Plus, sometimes a girl just has to blast a little “Redneck Woman” and take a drive, even if it is in a pixel world!


Bre Landscaping_005Empowering Bre_017



We took out some cliff pieces, added in the pond piece I picked up the other day at Studio Skye, and worked the pieces around to incorporate the stream on the side of the property.  We still have a little bit of work to do, but it sure is looking awesome!  I couldn’t resist harassing Luke to take some pics with me using some of the built in pier animations during a break.


Bre and L pooper competition_012


Z and I even found a way to utilize the Skye Rustic Bridge I got last year and it works perfectly with the pond, if I say so myself. While I was debating where to put some plants around the bridge, I noticed what a pretty shot it made from that vantage point, so I’m closing with it.  You can just barely see Bre and Luke sitting on the pier at the back of the shot, with the stream fills the pond.  I may not get to do this in the real world, but I’m thankful that I get to enjoy a replication of nature’s beauty.  I hope you are able to take a moment to yourself and enjoy some peace and beauty, wherever you are.


Bre and L pooper competition_009


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