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I hit SL’s Cheeky Pea’s recent sale when Seraphim’s blog announced it, just to take a peek, even though I seldom have enough lindens for their incredible decor and buildings.  The sale was actually jaw dropping affordable and I was able to get quite a few items.  I got really inspired to work on the landscape again when I found their awesome covered bridge with built in solo and PG couple animations.  I also got inspired to redo the dining room and living room, but the bridge makes a lot bigger impact, so that’s what I took more pictures of.  *grin*  (I’ll try to remember to show off my farmhouse inspired dining room.  I’ll just leave it at mason jar chandeliers.  Yeah, it’s that cute!)  And back to our regular programming…


Although I love the new Studio-Skye pond scene we incorporated into the landscape a few weeks ago, this bridge didn’t fit in with the brick and mossy area, so Z and I changed up the end of the property for the bridge.  We opened up the beginning of our stream from the Linden Ocean *grin*, and then I worked two days on getting the Happy Mood cliff hill pieces adjusted.  I either poked past the property line, had uneven land so land either came through the mesh landing or the landing hung in the air, or I accidentally sent chunks of mesh flying into other areas of the property.  *cracking up*  It was an interesting challenge.  


The animations aren’t actually bento, so there are definitely a few mesh body crossings with legs coming out the other person’s or arms landing in weird ways since it’s not based on the bento skeletons, but overall they are so sweet and fun.  I added in a few of the new Studio-Skye cliff rocks into the wider opening and I think this spot is now just as awesome as the pond.  Although I’d never have the nerve to sit on the edge like that, but that’s why it’s my indestructible avatar doing it!  *tries to smother an evil laugh*  What I really like is that the bridge looks incredible in all windlights, although I had a brain fart and forgot to turn on the lights when I decided to play with the evening WLs, and my internet connection will most likely show its anger if I try to put FS on while I’m blogging, so no evening pictures.  *facepalm*  Let’s blame it on Fibro Fog and skip along.


4 25 18 B_015

4 25 18 B_013


The animations are set throughout the whole bridge, so you have a lot of options and can get some really sweet pictures, or just have a cute view if you decide to randomly sit with your MAlt or something.  You do you.  No judgement.  *grin* 


Although Luke was kind enough to try out all of the anims and was patient while I flipped through tons of WLs or waited for the facial moods to match well enough for the poses to make sense, I couldn’t resist taking a picture when my LeLutka’s Whimsy mood setting left Bre sticking her tongue out at him while his Catwa Neutral mood cycled on.  I have the most awesome and patient roommates.  If you’re reading, bonus kudos and I’ll hit the gacha resale for a gift for you if you mention this post.  *grin*  By the way, you probably can’t see unless you zoom, but I had Bre honor 420 with a necklace with the chemical compound.  *laugh* Yet again I have proven that 140K inventory has advantages, because I pretty much have something for anything.  (And yeah, I put the latest League skin on display, because the Alessa is so well done!  If you want a female avatar that looks a little more mature than the more common cute looks, try out League.  The Alessa version has the sassiest eyebrow shape, too.  But the shading and highlighting…yeah, even I stared for a bit at the smexy pixels.  *grin*)


4 25 18 B_004


As I hit the lavender WL for the final picture for the bridge, I caught one of my favorite pictures for our picture gallery in the living room. Although SL is via the internet, this is the perfect picture to represent our friendships in SL.  No matter how many miles separate us, we’re hanging out and having those incredibly deep conversations that the second life inspires, because we don’t have our walls up when we’re pixels.  It’s the bridge for some of the closest friendships I may ever experience and am so glad I have this new piece to remind me to be grateful every time I log in.


4 25 18 B_002


Today I hope that you find a way to pamper your soul.



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