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My Brain is on Vacation

Thankfully my health held out enough to attend Miss Ash’s graduation party.  It was so beautiful to see her step into the adult world and made me want to tear up a second time when I realized we would be doing this with Kiddo pretty quickly, since they seem to be getting older.  A few years and then I better campaign local colleges well.  *grin*


I will be seeing a new ENT this next week to see if he can correct the previously botched septoplasty and maybe help me not get infections continually.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and he will prescribe something to get over this upper respiratory infection finally, too.  Since the day my ex back handed punched my nose I haven’t been able to take a full breath, so it’ll be amazing if they agree to fix what was done wrong years back.  I’m crossing my fingers.  I’d cross my eyes too, “…but my mama said they’d stay that way, so I can’t”.  *laugh*


Things went all sorts of wacky with the adoption stuff last week and I can’t go into much of it.  However, we have a few good steps in with a few girls, so we might have a chance of moving Kiddo in before school starts.  I’m trying to learn to stay a bit detached while at this stage, despite my excitement and hope, because this is just becoming killer for me emotionally.  I packed up some of the things I had out, just to help not surround me with thoughts and fears, since I do that to myself enough without help.  *laugh* We will, however, be working on her desk come holiday weekend and will hopefully have that done and moved into her room.  Then I can finish the transformation into a makeshift gym in my office.  I think it’s part of finishing my nesting, but psych was definitely not the field of medicine I was interested in, so who knows.  We get a few more things done and the house is completely ready for Kiddo (inside) and ready for her personalization of her room, even.  We’re just a bit unsure about this traveling possibility.


Thankfully adopting from foster care is cheap, if not free, but now that we are looking at matches as far away as Georgia, we have to figure in covering the cost to travel to meet and at least another for moving, if not another transitional visit.  That’s a lot of travel expenses!  Although we won’t be doing a few of the fundraisers that I was working on, we will soon be asking for donations for puzzle pieces!  I have three adoption sayings that are being printed and then cut into puzzles, and then we will ask (request, plead, beg…y’know, I have no pride left anymore anyway lol) for a $10 donation for a puzzle piece.  I’ll write the donor’s information on the back of a piece and I’ve raised a donation for the whole puzzle I will laminate it, and then do one of those wild frames where it’s glass on both sides and dangles down to look at, so the phrase is visible, but so are the names and tiny messages for the incredibly generous people who are helping cover these above-and-beyond costs for us.  I read up on a lot of these puzzle fundraisers and some are over $100 per piece, but I’m a small time gal and can’t imagine asking that kind of donation so I can write your name on a puzzle piece.  That one kind of boggles my mind, but massive kudos to the adopter that managed that!!  I don’t have nearly enough empowerment compared to you, madam!  Anyway, I’ll have shots of the puzzles once I get them in a few weeks and will start a little campaign for donations, although I won’t be spamming the blog for them after the first one, so don’t worry about that.  I just hope you’ll help spread the word for me and maybe if someone can afford that little bit extra, I’d be grateful to you both.  I’m trying to learn this whole funding donation site stuff, so I’ll have that all squared away in time for the puzzle piece project.  Goodness knows I pay via phone app constantly, so I plan to give a way to donate online for people like me.   *grin*


In the meantime, my mind is whirling on so many subjects and working through so many feelings, and I’m fighting this infection along with coming off of a medication that I discovered was the cause of a lot of the worsening of symptoms in the past 6 months.  Thankfully I love to research and advocate for my care, otherwise I might as pick out my hospital linens now.  There was no explanation for what was happening until I stumbled across this problem with the drug and the medications that are used due to my condition itself.  I’d rather have hypertension than catch hospital acquired pneumonia and die before I can unite our little family finally.  I have lots of projects, but I’m so restless I can’t stick to anything and don’t really have a lot of interest for watching shows.  It’s like the front half of my brain hamsters are on steroids and the back half are getting tossed back to the bottom of the wheel with each revolution because they’re laying there, panting and worn out, then a sudden thud that knocks the wind out of them as they slam back down.  *laugh* The words are useless unless I can paint a picture to get the idea across.  *wink*  So expect some random posts, most likely.  *grin*


By the way, have you ever thought that Stranger Things is kind of the new version of Goonies©?  Chunk is now a Rep and in his forties.  I guess we have to let the new generation have their own Goonies©.  I’m not giving up my original Newsies©.  It may be over a quarter of a decade, but my Kiddo is going to watch it and love the 18 year old Christian Bale, just mark my words.  LOL Yeah, one of the few things I listen to as I wander between projects.  “Never fear, Brooklyn’s here!”©

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