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If you’re into SL then you probably know that it’s Arcade month.  In case you don’t know about the Seraphim (dot com) website, they also host a yard sale where people can sell their Arcade duplicates and unwanted wins.  I personally hate to put money into the machine without knowing I’ll get something I really want, unless it’s a designer that I’m in love with all of their products, so the yard sale works especially well for me.  I can look through all of the boxes and see if the ones I want are being sold at the sale.  Note: you’ll never see rares there.  Those go to MP or other high dollar resell sims, whereas everything at Seraphim’s has to be pull price.  So if you want Mutresse’s  Persistent Otter, you can look for it at Seraphim’s without spending extra money on prizes you may not want (although I adore all their animals LOL).  As the month progresses, there will be a lot more items available, of course, so keep checking if your heart is set on something.



As you can see in the top row, there’s an overview of all of the booths for every vendor at The Arcade.  To the right, you can see the beginnings of the resale boxes collection for that vendor (which happens to be the Aii – Catacomb Prince Princess booth and I just HAD to get the creepy skeletal companion *grin*).  In the big picture you can see the Otter Pond booth I was using for an example.  I’ve all ready picked up several (I have at least a few from every Arcade *face palm*), but the great thing is some people go ahead and unbox it, so you get to see the prize in action.  The Persistent one swings around trying to get that rope off, which I got to see since someone unpacked that and made it pretty irresistible then.  If you’re new to Arcade items, they’re just like regular Gacha items; they’re transfer but not copy, so you can shop for others, or your resale shop, but be careful rezzing your Persistent Otter on a mesh surface, because you only get the one chance!  (Please rez it onto a prim surface, even if it’s just a simple cube you build!)


So, if you’d like to join the hordes of shoppers, hit Seraphim’s yard sale here.

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