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Acne Bee Gone Soap


I love this new version of my acne soap that I’ve been working on (and love the name I randomly came up with, too!). It’s a half/half blend of Shea and honey soap bases, with ground and whole oats, bentonite clay, an FO (I can’t let it smell only like oatmeal and clay), and lemon powder. The honey gives an amazingly creamy feel to the lather, which really surprised me. I had decided to alter my recipe to see if I could incorporate honey somehow, to pack more natural umph against acne. It has worked amazingly well on me! The original was great, but I saw a difference in my skin. Lemon powder and honey are natural acne and bacterial warriors, while bentonite clay is really great at removing the extra oil while not drying out the skin (for most people, but of course there is Murphy’s Law lol). The oatmeal is a gentle exfoliant and is thought to help with blackheads. This small soap round packs quite a wollop! I have skin irritation from reactions to some gluten foods, plus a genetic predisposition to Keratosis Pilaris, so it made me so happy to make a product that almost completely cleared up my arms. My mom was shocked when I showed her my arms after testing the soap for two weeks. I’m going to make extra for Christmas gifts and send to a few family members. Hopefully it helps them too! So freaking happy with this soap!!

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