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Sample Fisherman’s Soap

I wanted to make a small post (during my proofreading I’m really amused by this description) on recent work. I’m trying to meet my goals before the Nov 12th craft sale and one goal was to make a version of my Fisherman’s soap that is a little more buyer friendly. It’s an awesome soap, but a bar is a bit expensive, so I think that’s why it hasn’t been selling. It suddenly dawned on me while looking through my drawers of molds that I could use the “lump of coal” square silicone molds for sample Fisherman’s soaps. *happy dance* Some days I get to be somewhat intelligent and have strokes of genius again! Lol. Fibro fog has been a nasty challenge with creating bath products. *rolling eyes* I seriously celebrate the genius moments I get now. Lol. Anyway, 8 ounces of the soap makes about half of the tray of molds. Awesome! I need to figure up costs, but I’m betting it’ll drop the cost to $1-$2 each instead of 6+. Not to mention that they will be a great size for leaving in the tackle box. Anise oil is a natural human scent neutralizer. If a person washes their hands with it prior to handling their tackle, it usually helps to increase the amount of bites, etc. It has worked for a lot of people. An extra tip I give is to also dunk or rinse the line, lure, and whatever other tackle you use, in the soapy water. If you think about it human scent is all over your gear, so the soap would be more effective when used in combination. Otherwise you’re contaminating all over again. There is a lot of interest in the soap when I explain it, but I think price has been the deterrent. Cross your fingers that this new shape/size is the solution please!

I’ve been making little “Ginger girls” too. I accidentally failed in trying to make brown (seriously, every batch comes out different even if I do the same exact thing lol) and ended up with some pink and almost lavender little gingerbread men soaps. I was pondering over writing it off as a failure, packaging as little thank you gifts for orders, or what, when the light came on in my mind and said that girls probably won’t mind pastel ones. A lot of feminists have nattered on about that cookie shape being sexist, so having a girl version could be a lucrative line. I look forward to seeing my helper’s reaction Thursday.

I’ve also been making gingersnap cookie sugar scrub, licorice ornaments (still haven’t figured out a name yet), and updating my inventory spreadsheet. I’m trying to decide on the new basket(s) too. I keep grouping things in them and then changing them. Lol. I decided to name one basket “sweet treats”. It’ll be a small basket of dessert scented products, like cherry on top and pumpkin buttercream. It’s an uplifting and fun new combo that I’m really enjoying working on. *smile*

By the way, I detest the smell of lavender. *dramatic shudder* Blech. I know others like it and supposedly look forward to it (yep, I put on my big girl pants and made several bottles of lavender lotion a few days ago). I figure I’m allowed to dislike one item, yet suffer it for the benefit of others. Do I sound dramatic enough? A martyr for the homemade bath product cause? *teasing grin* Another by the way, my phone wallpaper thoroughly applies…My thoughts aren’t as random as they seem. Others just don’t think as fast as me. Lol. Have a great Tuesday!

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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