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Oh crap

I was killing time today, waiting for my doctor to come into the room (45 mins on a hard chair – so thankful for the cane). I get all nervous about moving around while waiting (I’m not exactly graceful unless I’m dancing and always have these embarrassing scenarios play out in my mind), so I sat and took a break from my thoughts to look around the room. I ended up staring at the calendar in awe. I don’t have a whole lot going on in a daily fashion, so I tend to lose track of the day. So when I looked at the calendar it dawned on me that the craft event is next weekend!! Oh crap, oh crap. Not exactly the best phrase to keep racing through your mind as the doctor comes in. *grin* I know I looked guilty for thinking it, as if he would know or care. Probably wondered if I stole a magazine or some tongue depressors lol. Anyway, it actually sunk in that it’s right around the corner.

An odd thing about my illness is that one day seems to be forever long, since I sometimes don’t sleep or sleep only a little, I never sleep very soundly, and pain often will wake me and keep me up until I can ease it enough to ignore it. On the flip side, a week flies by. It’s the weirdest thing ever. So what was a month of prep time before the event is now suddenly a week.

So after getting four prescriptions filled I hit Wally World to get the little things that I wanted to do right before the event. We had bought another 4 ft table and a rolling tote earlier in the day, so I am set to start packing up for the event. (Hey, with chronic fatigue it takes a week to do what used to be a few hours worth of work lol, so I’ve learned to start early.) I found some nice tablecloths in a sharp red and green plaid (do you all ready know that I’m obsessed with Scotland and love plaid?), got some garland to lay around some of the products when I set up the tables, and some ribbons and bows. I have recently gotten a wild hair to put a little effort into presentation for the event following reading a neat library book. (You can roll your eyes now. I understand. *grin*) I picked up a few coffee mugs for the coffee combo and got some wet wipes. Odd to put them in the same sentence, but what the heck. Lol. I decided after the cancer stroll that I would have wipes and a small trash can for people that don’t like the smell or texture. You’d be amazed, or at least I was, at how many people slather on a lotion and then sniff their arms to see if they like the smell. I am well aware of natural chemistry changing a scent, but it won’t change it enough to be radically different from sniffing it in the bottle usually. Cucumber melon brings to mind cat pee when I use it, but when I sniff it in a container, I all ready know there’s gonna be some funk, so I’m not going to dive on in. Buh! Here’s your sign village idiots…anywho….*grin*

I’m not letting myself get overwhelmed on trying to accomplish all of my goals before the event. I really have a whole lot of options. The only things I really need to do is set up the cash box, massively update my website, and pack stuff. The rest just makes the cake look pretty, so to speak. It’s still a pretty awesome cake all ready ; ) So I will put the “frosting” on my little cake soaps (by the way, I decided on scooping a little refrigerated bath whip for the ice cream. It has a great consistency when refrigerated that will work great with the melon baller and won’t get really firm like the scrub or soap would.), package and price what I have on my project table, and package the remaining “coal” once my Oriental Trading order gets delivered, since I ran out of bags. I want to make a few Twilight combos and the “sweet treats” baskets, which I can always disassemble if they don’t sell.

Miss Ash won’t be able to come to the event and is really disappointed, so I think I need a test run. *grin* Set up both tables with the tablecloths, so she gets to decorate when she comes in from school. It’ll be a fun surprise for her and give me a chance to decide how I want the lay out at the event. I’m hoping to pack most things actually in their baskets, so set up is a breeze. Knowing how I want the baskets arranged isn’t quite as easy. Plus, I think that my needing her input on how to lay it out will give her a nice boost after having a cruddy time at school lately. I think it’ll be kind of smart to find out what lay out will help catch the eye of preteens too.

The part of me that sees the small mound on my project table and keeps counting the days continues to panic a bit. I’m keeping a relatively level head about it, for me at least, although the spreadsheets and lists help the most. It helps me feel like it’s all under control. Oh, by the way, if you’re laughing about my spreadsheets (yeah, I know who is), I don’t mind. *grin* It’s a quirk that shows that it’s really me writing this. Lol. Sweet dreams and a peaceful tomorrow. I’m gonna go start a list if my lists. *teasing wink*

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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