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Dessert Cake Soaps


Here’s the final version *grin* There are a few things I’ll probably work on improving, but I think it’s a massive improvement. It really does look like it’s trying to be devil’s food cake and the refrigerated bath whip is an awesome “ice cream” in my opinion. The bad part is that the whip is so very soft and moist. If I barely bump them, the scoop gets dented or smears. I think I will end up rolling each scoop in clear melted soap to make a reliable shell, but it’ll be tricky to get both temperatures just right so that the whip doesn’t melt into the soap. I’m not up to experimenting before the event, but I think these are good for the event. I did a blend of soap bases for the “sauce”. The teenie tiny .18 Oz of Shea soap mixed with the clear base made a neat, glossy glaze-like appearance. I will experiment to get the color a little more to my liking. When I look at it I think it would be bubblegum scented instead of maraschino cherry lol. You’d be surprised how hard it is to get anything but carnation pink when Shea soap is involved. *grin* The base is a blend of chocolate mousse and fudge brownie. The fudge gave the base chocolatey scent that we all expect, while the mousse has the soft and sweet notes that I prefer in a chocolate FO. I may experiment with clear base for the sauce, so that I get an actual reddish tint (somehow even red in clear base is at least fuchsia instead of red – so odd and frustrating!). I think these would be cute as an angel food cake for children birthday parties or maybe even a baby shower favor. There are just so many options. I can’t shrink wrap these because the whip would melt, but I think my big jewelry zip bags will work (I’m sorry to ramble off topic but the small ones I typically end up using for everything always make me feel like people think I’m a drug dealer when I buy 5 or 6 packs. What else does the average person use 600 tiny zip bags for? Lol). Worst case scenario I may use Saran wrap, despite not being a solid protective barrier and loses scent so quickly. Until I decide I’m going to enjoy the awesome smell of chocolate covered cherries in my kitchen. I go from a wintergreen and cinnamon blend in one room into the mouthwatering cherry scent. *happy sigh* Some days I seriously love my jobby! (New term they’re marketing..a hobby that resembles a job sometimes.)

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