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Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

So I lied to myself

I sold every milliliter of Goat’s milk lotion, so I had to put in an order last night for more base and bottles. I tried to be good, especially since I knew it’d be an expensive order with two gallons of base, but I lied when I swore off ordering any more new scents. 😉

I got a few replacements for the FOs that I got low on from yesterday’s order and got lured in by the new scents page. *grin* Be proud of me though – I only got a few new ones!! Lol.

I got two perfect FOs to round out my cocktails line for summer. I found a five star pineapple FO that I’m going to mix with my coconut to make a pina colada blend to go with my margarita and mojito FOs. I can’t wait to work on making the blend. For accuracy I’ll sip on a real pina colada 😉 I sacrifice so much for my small business lol.

Anyway, I also got Island Margarita FO, which is a more fruity and tropical version than the lime margarita that I got before. I admit that I expected a little more wow factor to that one, although it is a good, crisp lime. I figure a tropical and sweet version will really compliment the other one, especially in a cocktails combo.

One really nice thing with my wholesaler is that I get a bottle of FO to try out free for every $100 in each order (yeah, let’s not figure up how much I’ve spent in order to have a partial flat of the free FOs lol). Anyway, this round I got to choose from 20 scents I’ve never tried before and picked a snowflake FO. While working on the order on my computer I was able to check out the scent profiles and crafter reviews on all of them via my cell, and I admit that I was really torn between three of them. This snowflake FO (can’t remember the name and SO plan on changing it anyway since most crafters commented about it being in their permanent line instead of seasonal, so I want a more neutral name) is a blend of plum, orange, and pine. One crafter pre-sold an entire loaf of cold process soap when it sat curing and everyone could smell it while she held a little get together. (CP soap takes a lot longer to cure and is usually made in loaves instead molded shapes like the MP soaps that I do.) Several users commented about how unique and unexpectedly pleasant the FO is and that they can’t keep those products stocked because they sell so well. Those comments cinched it for me that I really want to try this FO. I love the idea of it not being a floral, a musk, or full out dessert. This should be a stand out compared to what I usually gravitate toward *crossing fingers*

As usual I’m really excited to get my delivery, so that I get to huff new scents. *grin* Admittedly filling orders, especially with short notice, is hard for me, but it’s still dag on awesome to have people wanting to try, and loving, my little creations. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s a very rewarding hobby in more than just superficial ways. In the meantime I think I should reacquaint myself with what pina coladas should smell like. *teasing grin* Time to pull my frozen mix out to “test” 😉

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