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Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

I Dream of Banana Cream


My helper said that it looks like I put little bits of banana in there (the vanilla embeds) and she declared them as smelling so good that she wanted to eat them. *grin* I wish that the yellows showed better in pics though. These have a pretty vanilla pudding color and the lemon ones have a much brighter yellow. These embed soaps are more work, but they’re so much fun to make.

Chocolate covered cherries


I couldn’t resist a close up of these. I love the pop of the jewel tone cherries! It almost looks like real pieces. *happy dance* I am so happy with these!



I changed things up and used my fillable cake molds for some of the embeds, instead of the guest rounds. I think they turned out so amazing! Chocolate covered cherries in the back (I got real close to a milk chocolate color too IMO *happy dance*), I Dream of Banana Cream there in the front, and Lemon Bar are to the left. I totally love them! I made up some fudge brownie and strawberry jam cubes to dice for embedding, so bring on the neapolitan. *grin* And I must mention that the kitchen smells amazing!!

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