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A Little Fun

Well, I got injured a few days ago and put my time to good use – I put in a supply order.  Lol.  Remember that post a while back about not getting any new FOs?  Um…slap my hands now *grin*  Since my drunken pina colada turned out so below my expectations Ibought a five star pina colada FO.  I also got a caribbean coconut that has great crafter reviews and an angel food cake FO that sounds amazing.  I’m hoping that it will help boost my vanillas…along with the deluxe vanilla that I added too.  Rofl.  I got a cedarwood EO and a Hershey’s-like chocolate FO.  I want something a little different from the fudge brownie that I usually use.  I got two free FOs too – Sun & Sand (what a great one for Summer!) and Frosted Snowdrops.  I read reviews that most crafters sell it out year round.  Oh, I am so excited! 

I got a few other items, too.  I got some citric acid powder to make some fizzy bath salts (fun idea, isn’t it?!).  I also got some honey powder to improve the Acne Bee Gone soaps, too.  I’m so impressed with the awesome benefits of honey that I figured a versatile version would be an awesome additive in some of my products.  Super sparkle iridescent glitter has been on my wish list for awhile and I went for it.  Lol.  Now that I’m experimenting more and inspired to make new soaps, it became a must. *grin* The last additive that I am so excited about is another emulsifying wax.  My other one gives my lotions a thicker, creamy, and protective feel.  This new one is more of a soft, silky, whipped, and powdery feel.  Some people just aren’t into the feel of lotion and I think this will be a great alternative. 

I also found an e-book that gave some great inspirations, too.  The most exciting thing I want to try is “bath cookies”.  What a neat idea!  They even get baked! Lol.  This book is where I read about making fizzy bath salts, too.  I’m very happy that when I’m out of commission I can find great inspirations.  Back to recovering for now, but exciting things to come!! 🙂

Cello bagged bath salts


I finally did it! I made the chocolate covered cherries swirled bath salts and bagged them. I think they look really adorable, even though the proportions look odd while I measured to be exact. The shape definitely affects the look of the contents lol. I’m hoping that because they’re small they will be easier to sell. I really look forward to making some more varieties, but definitely need help. I managed to make four by myself, but it was incredibly hard to do them by myself, so I have to wait to finish until someone helps me. If I slightly move my thumb then the salt swirls start to blend and the salts love to stick to the measuring cup, so it got interesting to keep the cone upright, not move, and scrape down the jar with a spoon while holding the cup. Yeah, notice the need for a few extra hands? Lol. And resting them in a cup lets the colors blend or the bag shuts during the pour, risking pouring salts everywhere but the cello. *rolling eyes with a bemused smile* It’s funny what odd little issues I run into while making bath/body products. 🙂 Anyway, I am so excited about these that I had to post a picture right away. *grin* Have a great day and hopefully hangover free 😉

Bath salts


I made huge batches of chocolate fudge and then maraschino cherry bath salts. It smells phenomenal in my kitchen and did I mention that there is actual dark cocoa powder in the fudge to color it, instead of dye? *grin* Might as well get some naturally awesome antioxidants for your skin while soaking away your troubles. I will be using the new cello bags that I got (yeah, yeah, not really new since it’s been at least a month since I received them, but never used them yet, so they’re still new). I think that swirls of the two in the cello cones will look very color and the combo will be like chocolate covered cherries. *smile* So awesome! I intended to make half the amount of cherry, but wasn’t paying attention and used the same recipes as for the fudge batch. Lol. Oops. I’ll just have to wait until I get more dead sea salts to make some neopolitan blend. Yum! Also going to make some spa, as well. I haven’t figured out what else I want, since I definitely don’t want a mess of salts un-purchased and unsellable at the end of the season yet again. I really think that these will look so much better than the jars and will sell better since they’re going to be smaller, therefore cheaper, than the jarred salts. So exciting!! I can’t decide if I like the smell of these, or the corned beef that’s cooking, the best. *grin* Happy St. Patrick’s Day and I hope you all have safe celebrations today!!

Rawr, or something


Lol. I think my watermelon sorbet dinos turned out pretty well. They help ease the sting of the bummer previously mentioned. The pterodactyl looks a little odd IMO, but I’ll go with what the company said he’s suppose to be 😉 Regardless they all smell wonderful and richly colored. I’m happy that they turned out so well, since two will get put into the boys summer combo. Yay!

Rawr, or something


Lol. I think my watermelon sorbet dinos turned out pretty well. They help ease the sting of the bummer previously mentioned. The pterodactyl looks a little odd IMO, but I’ll go with what the company said he’s suppose to be 😉 Regardless they all smell wonderful and richly colored. I’m happy that they turned out so well, since two will get put into the boys summer combo. Yay!



Awhile back I had excitedly found a plastic mold of fairy tale carriages. Unfortunately it’s a lollipop mold, so at the base of each is the space for a stick. I thought that if I made a blockage of playdoh at the base of each carriage, in the stick area, and let them fully dry for a few days, that it would solve the problem. Um, quite a bummer when I finally poured some soaps and sat down to bag them after they had set up. My soap was too hot in two of them and the playdoh actually melted a bit, then mixed into the bottom of the soap a bit. Although I had planned on shaving the little nub with my xacto knife, I ended up having to shave up the base a little to remove the doh. What a disappointment! My carriage bases have a belly button. Ugh! The third…*sigh* I’ll use to practice painting on I suppose. This must have been the first that I poured, the hottest, because I spotted thick spots of playdoh almost at the carriage door, when held to light. I guess that I’ll make the blocks further down and have a bit of extra waste to shave off. It sounds so simple, but when you have to measure so precisely and figure up costs per every milliliter, that makes me have to be more irritatingly precise than normal. *wrinkling nose* I’m all ready a bit of a stuffed shirt, so I hate to go even further in that direction. Lol. Anyway, that’s enough about my bummer. That is, until I post a pic of whatever horrid results of my first attempt at soap painting look like. *grin*

Cute as a button


I got my card reader in the mail today (*sigh* yesterday really) and think it’s so cute. *grin* The only downside is that it doesn’t secure fully with my case on my iPhone, so I’ll have to remove my case for events. Meh. The coolest part was playing with the app. I have managed to refrain from messing with it until I connected the reader, since it is a plug and play device, and I’ve had issues with apps after jumping the gun. Anyway, I get the app and reader acquainted, then started to explore. I get to enter all of my product codes, descriptions, and prices, so that when I run a transaction I just select the items in the order. Love it!! I really dislike having to enter every detail on every line or not having the items listed, so this just tickles me happy. I all ready slid my credit card acceptance sticker into my tabletop frame with my collection agency’s sticker. I ~might~ be a little excited. *grin* So I’m doing a tedious task that I love – data entry. Lol. I figured I’d take a little break to post a few pics while playing Top Shot 😉

In route

I got the notification that my new card reader is coming *happy dance*  I’m so excited!  I really look forward to getting familiar with it (okay, okay – playing with and delighting in, like a true gadget nerd).  I want everything to be down pat before the citywide garage sales start.  For any city people that find this an odd reason, out here citywides are hugely popular and brings in a lot of the rural citizens.  Some towns have a great reputation and people from other towns and even cities come to them.  I’m planning on having a booth at one of the most popular citywides, right beside the highway, beside a parking lot.  Perfect!  Now I just need to feel well enough that I can make some more stock to have on hand, fill an incoming order, and play, er, familiarize myself with my new processor 😉 So much to enjoy planning and looking forward to!

A small footnote

I almost totally forgot to mention a really fun inspiration.  I want to try making pancake soap!  What an adorable idea!  It should be markedly easier than the dessert cake soaps, too.  Pour several thin rounds to stack, pour two small squares to be pats of butter, and then a super easy drizzling of “syrup” soap.  I could have a few completed on the second day with the prep pours all easily done the first day.  I think they would be more visually attractive than donut soaps, too.  What a great use for my maple syrup FO, too!  (Did I ever mention that the sales blurb said simply that it smells like brown sugar?  I was a bit surprised then to smell maple, since maple isn’t what would normally come to my mind when using brown sugar.  Lol)  Anyway, I couldn’t resist sharing the excitement, and you can be my safety net to remind me to attempt these exciting ideas in case I grow too distracted 😉

Alas, more research

I hope that you don’t fully “hear” the impudent smile in my writing.  *teasing wink*  I fear that I cannot suppress it though.  I have found a way to save myself at least $400 a year in overhead!  *limited happy dance*  While remaining in my sick bed I found that Intuit is offering credit card processing with a free card reader, no monthly or annual fees, no minimum, and no cancelation fees.  In addition, the keyed rates are comparable and I would certainly make up the difference at events with being able to swipe in the customer’s presence.  I’ve been researching some processing alternatives for awhile, because I pay a monthly fee even when I go months without a credit card transaction.  I have had credit card customers express reluctance to continue using credit if I used a company that they weren’t as familiar with as Paypal.  However, Intuit is a great option I think.  They are a well trusted name in financial/business software and it is beyond awesome that I could sync payments from my phone right into Quickbooks.  Wow!  I think that as a customer I would like the ability to swipe and sign on a vendor’s phone without having to go through the filling out of a keyed transaction worksheet if I’m at an event (couldn’t care less otherwise, I suspect lol).  I like the idea that I can stop at any point if I dislike it and not be out a penny.  It’s quite an exciting possibility for me.  It is a lot like another processor that another crafter recommended that I liked, but wasn’t as well known, and has some fun options like texting or emailing receipts. 

Think of how many new FOs, EOs, and additives that the saved money would allow.  *grin*  Or even how much less guilt I will have when my bottom line is printed on my business report.  It would be nice to see it print in black at some point.  Lol.  I have developed quite a disliking of the color red 😉

Anyway, I look forward to when I feel up to sitting at my computer and signing up to give Intuit processing a whirl.  Okay, okay.  Those that know me know that I’m really more excited at getting a new electronic gadget.  Lol.  It’s exciting, regardless.  *grin* 

I wish you a healthy and happy day!

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