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Daily Archives: April 23, 2012

Taxes – just a brief note

I had to share that KS Dept of Revenue finally recognizes me, so that I can pay my quarterly sales tax, which is now only a month overdue. Rofl. At least I’m finally recognized and can finish that nasty bit of paperwork for a little while. *grin* Hey Z, thank goodness for my spreadsheets that help me keep all of this in order *teasing smile*

Have a great day! I won’t accomplish much except a nap and some paperwork, but had to share that I finally got my email from them. I think they just finally realized that they can’t get paid until they issued my PIN lol

Rainbow piña colada


I got an order to make fruity, rainbow soaps like my “surprise” ones, for birthday party favors. I think these turned out pretty well, although I’m disappointed by the yellow embeds. I had two helpers that day that helped pour (first time pouring for my new helper). They wrinkled their nose at the scent until I unmolded a botched one, cut it in half, and said they could take them. Turns out these soaps are “pretty cool” then 🙂 I think a clear ballerina filled with rainbow embeds might be a nice touch for the special young lady who currently loves rainbows and is so sweetly feminine. I’m going to have fun experimenting. In the meantime my helpers think the jewel tone embeds are “amazing”. Tweens cut you down without a thought, but boy they can sure give a great boost the rest of the time. I still need to try the root beer float embed soaps *grin* We’ll see if they’ll ever make it to the shelf to sell, since all of my root beer products tend to disappear between my mom, husband, self, and helpers *grin* What a compliment!

Pretty Freaking Cool

So, with the insomnia and a pause in my pain, I’m able to finally get on my blog via my computer (insert gasp, since I’m always on via my Nook and iPhone lol).  Anyway, the actual site has a ton of stuff that neither app lets me see and boy am I doing a happy dance!  I found out that I have readers in other countries!  If you happen to be one of those people, thank you so much and it is so incredibly cool!  (Okay, I’ll cut down on the exclamation points from here on out, I promise. *grin*)  I also found that I had posted something on a blog that I follow, completely unrelated to my stuff, and that I had a bunch of hits off of that.  I’ve been staring at the computer in a total “Dude” moment.  *grin*  I’ve been tickled with the concept of the traffic booster that I got for my website for the main search engines on Saturday, but this blows that out of the water at the moment.  This even beats selling a little over half a gallon of goat’s milk lotions within a week.  *happy sigh*  I hope you have a great day…I’ll be muting my phone in an hour and sleeping the day away I suspect.  In the meantime I’m going to jam out to some Katy Perry “Firework” now, since I’m feeling pretty stoked. 

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