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Daily Archives: April 2, 2012

A lot of money later lol

I sat and made myself a priority list of what I really want to accomplish in the upcoming months, then made my order for that fantastic sale I wrote about earlier.  I couldn’t resist a few new scents to enjoy and got two new ones from the company for the amount I spent. *bashful smile*

Anyway, I focused mostly on bases and essential oils, since they’re usually so expensive.  I got five EOs that are thought to help with inflammation, as well as a lotion base that has Evening Primrose, another antiinflammatory.  *happy dance* A great start for making some items to potentially help ease chronic pain. I also got some more menthol crystals and a mortar and pestle, to improve my rub and because I’ve never seen the tiny bag of expensive crystals on sale. Lol.

I have some chocolate products that I want to make and picked out a few items to fulfill that line.  I mean, how can chocolate NOT sell?  *grin* While reviewing the recipes that call for soap base and for cocoa butter I had a light bulb moment.  I was happy to see that cocoa butter soap base itself was on sale too for a great price, so why not make things easier and have it all in one?  My nose still likes to remind me of the funky smell of when I accidentally burned a bit of cocoa butter while melting it (has to be melted to add into things).  So, avoiding a repeat and reducing the steps is quite exciting for nerdy ol’ me.  *smile*

I got a few goodies, just can’t help myself, that I’m really happy about.  One customer has psoriasis and I found that neem oil (in a special recipe) should help them.  I can’t wait to see if I can help give her some relief!  For pure fun I got a pearlized and foam booster, to increase lather and silkiness of my bubble wash.  Since the bubble wash can be used for bubble baths I think the kids will enjoy the extra bubbles.  *grin* I also finally found a five star rated coffee FO to use in soap with ground coffee for exfoliation and neat appearance.  Booyah!  Crafters posted that it smells like freshly brewed coffee and always sells out at events.  *crossing fingers that I’m as lucky* 

To finish it off the two FOs they are sending are exciting scents that are more expensive than I will buy to check out (I actually keep my purchasing a bit frugal with the lower cost FOs or commonly on sale ones, and rarely spend a lot of money on a scent that might suck).  I got “Romance in Bed” and “Twilight Woods for Men”.  The woods one sounds like such a sexy blend with musk, spices, patchouli, cedar, and vetiver. *dreamy sigh* C’mon in, Sexy…Anyway, the romance one is suppose to be an “elegant, sensual scent” with florals, amber, and vanilla.  I may have a new signature scent to wear.  *grin* I suppose it is probably time for a more mature signature scent than rootbeer float. *laugh*

Anyway, the upcoming journey with these items should be quite fun and I look forward to sharing this with you.  Happy Monday!


My oh my!  I’ve had some health issues lately, but got a great email today to give me a boost.  My wholesaler is having a site-wide sale. *happy sigh* Now to decide if I’m going to get more FOs (if I have to expand to a third page of listing of scents I worry that that might get overwhelming) or should I get some bases to expand what I actually make, instead of tons of scents for a limited number of things to.customize.  *tapping lip*

I know that I’ll stock up on the bases that are my best sellers, like the different lotions and additives.  I think that regardless of the shopping direction that I go I am going to get the key items to have a small, focused, line of Chronic Pain options.  It is so near and dear that while I can splurge a bit, I’m going to make sure to be able to make something that truly lifts my spirit. 

I have so many ideas and not many of them sell, as Larry keeps pointing out following seeing the losses when my business taxes were done (insert groan and please pity me lol).  I like learning new things and as I continue to expand I then create the items that are my best sellers, so it’s hard for me to look at it in the same way that he does.  

I admit to you that I have a few new things that come hell or high water I WILL be creating!  I am itching to make bath cookies and some new lotion blends.  I also can’t wait to get some new silicone molds ( has great deals on them – who’d have guessed??) and make some lovely new soaps.  I want to make some rustic soaps, like the coffee scented w grounds in the bars for exfoliation, and chocolate bars with dark cocoa powder.  *sigh*  It’s absolutely exciting to me to think of new things that might bring happiness to someone.  Maybe that one special thing will introduce them to pampering and they’ll finally take a few minutes out for themselves, preventing burn out and depression.  What an awesome chance to have a good impact!

Anyway, I’m headed back to the website and my books to determine the spoils of this sale. *grin* I always get mixed up if clary sage is for the detox or is it…. 😉 Sweet dreams and a happy tomorrow!

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