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Daily Archives: April 18, 2012

A whole lotta V3


I got two big orders with the majority being goat’s milk V3 lotions. I’ve never made such a big batch. That snow on top is emulsifying wax that is silky and almost leaves a powdery feel. A lot of work followed this picture, but I wanted to take a picture to remember such an accomplishment (not to mention my first round of version 3). Booyah! That pot is over half a gallon of just base, btw. *bow* You may be in awe now *teasing grin* Anyway, just a fun tidbit that I wanted to share. Have a great evening!

Slap my hands


If I mention ordering new scents, please slap my hands. Lol. That entire shelf with the forest of pipettes is filled with FOs and EOs. Remember when I was amazed with the first flat of them? *blush* I think I need to admit that I am an addict and have a problem. Lol. The left flat is food, middle EOs, and right is for non-food FOs. I hate to think of just how expensive that shelf is! Lol. I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about earthquakes shaking that shelf 😉 I must admit, though, that I am thoroughly stocked for summer, except for one more order of goat’s milk base. No matter how much insomnia I have, I’m going to avoid my wholesaler’s website like the plague and stop my late night shopping *grin*

Gimme some base


Holy smokes! That’s a big block of soap base! *grin* I meant to post this earlier. I got this big ol’ boy a bit back since I got tired of constantly ordering the little 2 lb trays (like the stack to the left of my block, for comparison). I can barely lift the thing, so cutting it will be interesting *grin* Suddenly I feel official though. Lol.



What do you think of this little bit of repurposing? I got a shoe organizer to put on my table for events. I figure that I’ll label each section (totally not surprising given my personality, right? Lol). I figure that I’ll lay the bottles of lotion down for the brief time I’m at events and it’ll make it much easier to go through them, and making them more approachable. Customers seemed to get overwhelmed picking through a sea of bottles sitting on the table (and no matter how grouped and organized I would make it, people always jumbled them up). I’m thinking of like the left column being goat’s milk V2, then next is goat’s milk V3, and so on. I’ll still use my baskets for other items, to keep that approachable, rustic feel. I can just see the gingham print fabric tablecloths, this organizer, and adorable baskets across my tables. *content smile* I’m hoping that by the Ozawkie Citywide I’ll have the right column filled with things for chronic pain sufferers. *crossing fingers* So, would this be more approachable to you? Would you like that kind of organization when shopping at a craft booth?

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