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I found a template to customize and made a gift certificate that would fit my needs. I think these are cute for a gift certificate, yet concise enough to be something I’d use. Lol. Meat and potatoes, forget the fancy salad. *grin* Now I can check two items off of that to-do list šŸ˜‰

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  1. Do you have a way of monitoring or keeping track so that people can’t just duplicate them? Just wondering how that works because here there was a big scam over gift certificates that were given as part of a Christmas for the needy type thing.


    • That’s a great question! It’s taken me awhile to post these because I was creating a tracking system with the help of the amazing billing consultant that trained me years ago in medical billing. I devised a set of spread sheets where I enter all of the information, assign the certificate number, indicate when they are redeemed, etc. I set up a few different ones to cross check. I’d rather do a few duplicate entries than have something fall through the cracks. I’ve actually sold, and processed redemptions, of a few gift certificates all ready, but just finally created the paper version and went live on my site with them. To make sure that I created a fool proof system I discussed it all with my friend and I’m confident in my system now. Thankfully I’m low key enough that I can personally handle all aspects of it, so I know it’ll all be tracked correctly. Thank you for checking on that! It would have totally sucked if that base hadn’t been covered, so the reminder is sincerely appreciated!



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