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Piña Colada Rainbow Soap


Here they are! The guest rounds are the party favors that I completed and shipped, while the ballerinas are a one-time production for the birthday girl. There are little details that bother me about the soaps, like this embed seems to have softer edges inside the soap, etc, but they definitely turned out pretty. Larry commented during the creation and set up periods about the house smelling like a tropical bar. What a fun air freshener scent for your house! I was admittedly tickled with the frequent remark. I find embeds to be a very fun challenge and look forward to more experimentation soon.

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  1. They turned out really cute!


    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Somehow the embeds are softening and spreading into colored clouds as they sit. The longer they sit, the more of a watercolor swipe each color looks like. Lol. I definitely need to see if I can figure out why, although it looks super pretty, but it won’t look like what the customer orders if they like it. Lol. I’m so thankful that I sent a test soap and the customer likes both versions. *wiping brow* Massive relief that they’re so easy going 🙂



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