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*Sigh* Okay, okay… So temptation to show the new soap mold prevailed over getting in there and making some product. No sense fighting it when I’m so excited though. The attached pic is from the wholesaler’s website where I bought the soap mold. I think ice cream cone soaps will be adorable for birthdays and such! As you know I troll crafter reviews and one wrote that she pours it all in her cone color, then cuts off the ice cream section once it sets (who wants sugar cone ice cream after all?). The second pour is of the scented ice cream with a little help to make the two sections bond (that’s for us crafters to know – if you want to, you’ll have to research. I can’t tell everything after all *teasing grin*). These will be a little extra work, but so well worth it, I think. Honestly, they’ll be easier than my dessert cake soaps, by far!

When I was debating about getting the mold (only debated it for about 4 months lol), I kept thinking of a little candle shop at Silver Dollar City, in Branson, MO. They have the cutest ice cream sundae and cone candles, and they are super popular, despite not having a lot of scent. I think that a well scented version ought to do pretty well then. Who can resist an ice cream cone, especially when it’s calorie free?! 😉

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