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Daily Archives: June 21, 2012

Watermelon Loaf Soap Experiment


Well, I need to make some changes, but I think the experiment turned out pretty cute, especially for a loaf soap. The watermelon smells so good and they’re a handy guest size. I’m thinking of selling in sets of 3, since they’re a little less than an ounce per slice. I think this is a fun one and sure beats the plain ol’ solid colored sliced soaps. *grin* This was a fun experiment.

Arabian Nights and website changes

I’ve finally gotten over a wicked bug that hit me enough to finally work on the most recent order. I got an order for Sands of Morocco Goat’s Milk, version 3, lotion, among others, and boy did I enjoy working with it! It smells better in the lotion than when I was smelling it straight from the bottle. *happy sigh*

I decided to rename it Arabian Nights. When I was smelling the finished lotion it was so exotic and spicy that it made me think of Aladdin. I imagine that Jasmine would have soaked in such a scented bath or been pampered in a similar scented oil. I’m getting better at picking FOs apparently and love each new scent more than the last.

While thinking over needing to change the name of the FO on my website I also puzzled over how to make my site less overwhelming/intimidating. It dawned on me that since I have unlimited pages due to upgrading my site I could make different pages for the FOs. I decided to make a page (hmm, will it end up being close to two pages from enjoying dessert scents so much? *laugh*) named “Food Scents”, another as Men’s/Unisex Scents”, and I haven’t decided what to name the third page of FOs. I will put the florals, spa, and other non-food scents together. All suggestions are appreciated, as always. *grin*

While I’m changing my website I’m debating adding a super straightforward page. Some customers have had trouble with finding prices for things, so I’m thinking of make a page that simply lists the item, size, and price. No descriptions, no tie-ins, or anything. I figure it might help customers who know what they’re wanting, but don’t want to search (or get overwhelming looking) for the prices. I usually try to keep things compact, with as few pages as I can, but now I’m wondering if I’ve approached my website from the wrong point of view. Maybe if each variations had their own page, with a just pricing page too, then it’ll be easier for people to get to the specific section that they’re interested in. The Administrative side of me is delighted to have an excuse to retool the website, too. *grin*

I’m hoping to experiment with the ice cream soaps soon, and look forward to sharing that experience. In the meantime I’ll next share a picture of the sliced watermelon loaf soap experiment. I hope you have a great evening!

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