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Daily Archives: June 8, 2012



*Sigh* Okay, okay… So temptation to show the new soap mold prevailed over getting in there and making some product. No sense fighting it when I’m so excited though. The attached pic is from the wholesaler’s website where I bought the soap mold. I think ice cream cone soaps will be adorable for birthdays and such! As you know I troll crafter reviews and one wrote that she pours it all in her cone color, then cuts off the ice cream section once it sets (who wants sugar cone ice cream after all?). The second pour is of the scented ice cream with a little help to make the two sections bond (that’s for us crafters to know – if you want to, you’ll have to research. I can’t tell everything after all *teasing grin*). These will be a little extra work, but so well worth it, I think. Honestly, they’ll be easier than my dessert cake soaps, by far!

When I was debating about getting the mold (only debated it for about 4 months lol), I kept thinking of a little candle shop at Silver Dollar City, in Branson, MO. They have the cutest ice cream sundae and cone candles, and they are super popular, despite not having a lot of scent. I think that a well scented version ought to do pretty well then. Who can resist an ice cream cone, especially when it’s calorie free?! 😉

Honeymoon Basket

I have an order for a fun basket to be given as a wedding/honeymoon gift. It’s basically a retooling of my seduction basket and a bit more expensive. I’ve been thinking of redoing that basket for some time, as I’ve developed more recipes and expanded the options, so I’m pretty excited. Plus, it’s hard to get restless when it’s one of everything! Lol. I’m going to include the usual erotic dice, votive candles, feather, and erotic coupons, but I think it’s up to them to do a blindfold if they want one. *cheeky grin* There will be quite a variety of oils including peppermint EO, sensuality EO, Lovin’ with Licorice, Cotton Candy, South Pacific Waters (need a dash of sexy and refreshing in there), and then I think I’ll add in some bath salts. If I were close friends with the couple I’d consider a little tongue in cheek amusement by adding my muscle rub. Rofl. I’m staying professional though and debating what else to make for it. I’ve been doing research on aphrodisiac EOs, so I’ll add in some ylang ylang and look what blend has myrrh (can’t afford the regular, so it’s in one of the blends). I read that women are more turned on by a musky masculine scent than the “gentler” scents, so I’m debating which of my male line to go with. Sand Dune seems to be going over well with men, so I think I’ll probably end up with that, which I’ve never done in oils before.

If I’m being honest I must admit to being a little nervous. I think it’s a really fun and unique wedding gift, and I’m always amused by risqué gifts, but I wonder how other wedding guests will take such an item? Truthfully it’s not really my concern, but it has my business name all over everything, so I want to walk that line on the right side. Lol.

Anyway, I think I might add a few soap cordials and mini bottles of products that can be used on their honeymoon for the everyday instead of just bedroom, too, like some lotion. It’s fun to have free rein, but it’s hard to decide what everyone will like when you don’t really know them. Lol.

I should probably go get started. I have a delivery of FOs and a couple of new molds that will arrive any day, and we know how distracted I get by my deliveries. *grin* I ordered the cutest soap mold that I can’t wait to blog about…

Easy Peasy


So my organizer is up on top of my bookshelf that I’ve been using for product and I love it! At a glance I can tell that I’m getting low on cherry on top scrub, need to make some more acne bee gone soap, etc. My bottles are back on the shelves, since I don’t want them laying down beyond during events, but all else is super organized. This is almost as good as a spreadsheet 😉 lol

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