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Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

Have a happy bath

I hope to get a few fun things finished to take to the sale event next Saturday, but after going through my inventory last night I realized that I have nothing for baths for adults (but lots of bubble wash for the kiddos! Lol). I decided to make a few batches of bath salts and package them in the cello cone bags that I used for the chocolate covered cherry swirl cones (see my website for a pic if you’d like). I figure that it’d be a pretty sure bet since the cone size is rarely more than $4 and I can make several pretty quickly (not counting drying time). I made a batch of On a (Pumpkin) Roll and a batch of Spa. A little seasonal and a little ahhh. *grin* I’m crossing my fingers.


Shea aloe butter

Oh my goodness…I’m in complete awe of a sample base that I got during my last supply order. I decided to try a little Shea Aloe Butter. It is a mixture of 50% Aloe and 38% (I think) of Shea Butter. There were lots of 5 star ratings by other crafters and several wrote that they sell it as is, so I figured the sample (which was on sale or I’d have never discovered this little lovely) was a smart buy. It is one of the creamiest, smoothest, and thickest lotions I’ve ever felt. I was pretty skeptical when I first felt how thick it is, but it melts so amazingly quickly and thoroughly. I think an amazing scent palate will detect a slight nuttiness and that bitter note that aloe usually has, but should be pretty unscented to the average nose (if unadulterated I mean). Although the base is a bit expensive I think it’ll be well worth for people that have some dry trouble patches. I look forward to doing some more testing with it, but I’m so excited that I had to share while I’m giddy. *grin* Originally I planned on adding a few things to it to make a great base, but after a few uses I’m pretty sure that I’ll add a tad of scent and leave the formula as is. I love it too much and would be devastated if I were to make it less perfect. 😉

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