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Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

Monsters Away

I’ve been really sick, like can’t speak or eat sick, and didn’t get much accomplished. One of the benefits is that as I came out of the medicinal fog “Monsters Away” kept thumping through my mind. I remembered a friend’s daughter having trouble with nightmares and Larry’s favorite poem that I wrote named “Grim Reaper”. It’s about nightmares and what-not. I realized that I could do a twist on my Sleepy Time spray and name it Monsters Away. The base I use is skin safe and the scent doesn’t linger long, so it’d be perfect as a short-term ghost buster. *cheesy grin* Chamomile and lavender should help relax the little ones and I’ll add a few others that are believed to help with anxiety. With this name hopefully kids will believe in the power of it and a spritz in the closet or under the bed will send the creepies packing. The best part is that it’s such a safe base that the little ones can accidentally step in the path and it won’t hurt them. I’m also thinking of what herbs to put together to make sachets that can work longer term under pillows and stuff, like a dream catcher or talisman. I’ve had a few misses lately, but I feel really good about this idea. The only part that could fail is that customers don’t want it. For once I’m really thankful I got such a bad cold. *grin*

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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