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Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

A small anxiety attack

So I, um, well…I lost track of time. It’s way too easy when you’re on disability because it seems like the world went on without you, but seriously!?! Exactly one week from today is the Overbrook Craft Sale that I reserved a double booth for. *sigh* Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited about the event, but I’ve been operating under the thought that it’s a few weeks away. Yikes! I guess it’s time to start making decisions on the ideas I’ve been debating such as needing more lotions, making and taking a new scrub, and even a new lotion scent. My helper hasn’t been by and I have a stack of new products that need labels. The wholesaler I use even posted a new recipe for bath fizzy thumbprint cookies that looks adorable and might be a good seller, so I started thinking of experimenting with that. I think I need to tone my creative juices down and do what is left of the basics. I can’t believe that just last night I said “in a few weeks”. Lol. Sounds like I’m doing inventory in a few hours! 😉

Cute little jars

I also got my sample jars today. I’m tickled with them and think they’ll be awesome at my sale event in a couple of weeks. They’re a quarter of an ounce with an attached lid and I think this will help make the lotion samples more event friendly. People can use the tiny spatulas and not have to whack the tiny bullet bottles I used to use for samples to get the lotion out to try.


Honey I shrunk a tree

I was very excited to get my delivery from the wholesaler today. With the superstorm I wasn’t totally sure things would run on time. I always love that feeling of Christmas that comes with deliveries – opening the box(es), digging through the packing peanuts for little treasures, and getting to check everything out up close. I am even happier to tell you that the shrink wrap that I ordered for the Christmas Tree Soap worked nearly perfectly. *happy dance* There is a bit of trimming that needs to be done before shrinking, but otherwise they are great. I had one little oops moment though. Apparently I got a little over zealous with the hair dryer (it’s oddly difficult to act like an adult when working with shrink wrap and even harder to be careful). I went to flip the thinnest tree and it felt weird. I had accidentally warmed a spot on the edge a bit too much and it started to melt! Whoa! I’ve set it aside to deal with later. It still works fine and it’s a tiny spot, but I don’t want to have it in with what I’m selling. I’ll either gift it or sell at a reduced rate…unless I decide to amuse myself by slipping bits of it into my husband’s other soap and make him smell like jellybeans. Lol. Okay, okay. There are a couple of things that make it difficult for me to act like a serious adult. *grin* Anyway, I had to share because I’m so pleased with how sharp they look. A little side note – I noticed as I was wrapping them that the hand painted ornaments have begun to bleed a bit, which is actually cool because it helped give a soft, even more Christmassy look to the soap. It reminds me of taking a picture of a real Christmas tree and the lights having that pretty halo around them when they’re lit. Woohoo!


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