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Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

Bath salts

I’ve been finishing things up for Saturday’s event and I think the cello cone packages turned out pretty well. They’re not as cute as the chocolate covered cherry ones were early on this year, but I think they’ll look good in a holiday container on the table. At $4.75 and $5 I think people should consider them pretty affordable too. (Sure can’t beat the $1.75 for the cookie sandwich soaps, but few things can lol.)

By the way, before I attach the picture of the salts, I thought I’d mention that I picked “A Cookie in the Wash” for the cookie sandwiches. I’ve had such a hard time picking a name, but like the play on classic literature. Plus it mentions washing to help emphasize that it is soap. At $1.75 I rock! 😉


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