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I don’t often discuss the online community that I’ve been on for around ten years (yes, it could be considered a game, like WoW, but most old school players never call it that).  For some reason I keep my gaming pretty private except for those that I’m close to.  Second Life (SL) has allowed me to virtually visit places around the world, dance when my illness made it too difficult for me, and even meet people all over the world, (including two of my closest friends, Z and Kat).  We’re so close that we are friends outside of SL even and Kat is the younger sister I never had.  *smile* 


Needless to say, my second life is an important part of my life and has allowed me a version of leaving my house even when I’m bed bound.  Plus, we get to play board games together while chatting on Skype, which makes my nerdy heart so happy.  *laugh* I’ve been on SL for so long I’m actually considered a “legacy avatar”, so I’m an old fart on there.  *grin*  What’s awesome about that is that I get to help new users (noobs) and provide them with tons of resources to help them get the most out of their experience.  It’s another way that I can have a good impact, sometimes, plus I cherish the friendships I have developed on there; Z, Kat, Derek, Emme…and the list goes on (since you guys may read this, this is the one time I will get all mushy and say how much y’all mean to me.  We never speak of this – NEVER. LOL).  Anyway, Breana has been my avatar all of this time and even I call her Bre; she’s the version of me that’s a little more daring and a lot better looking than me.  *laugh* In a lot of ways she’s helped me learn to be more comfortable being me, since I was able to find “my people” – people that actual get and enjoy my weirdness.  I learned to let that nerd flag fly high and proud.  Plus, she’s the little vixen  and badass I’m too shy to be.


I’ve slowly taught myself how to build things, edit mesh, add animations to furniture, landscape, and became a texture hoarder, because you never know when a marble floor might look better than a rug.  *laugh* I don’t have the strength and energy to move my furniture, plus L hates when I move things, but in SL I change houses, the landscape, textures, and the furniture quite often.  I’m a bargain shopper, freebie hunter, and have a virtual closet that would fill our entire real house (not to mention bankrupt us!).  On any given day I may be in exercise clothing, a Victorian dress, a formal gown, ripped jeans with a sassy tee, or even be a fairy complete with pink skin and wings.  I think that’s one of the things I love the most about SL.  It’s an environment created by the users and there is such creativity in the designs, the lands, and even homes.  There are even actual companies, churches, and museums that have created virtual versions in world, so a person can attend church, a support group meeting, or see a spectacular art installation and marvel at the beauty of manipulated pixels.  Once I even went to an Othello interactive event, with displays of scenes from the book, a land painstakingly recreated that I had never pictured so vividly before, and other little adventures along the way.  There was even an actual partial play read by real people via their avatars, bringing Shakespeare to life and introducing some people to his incredible work for the first time.  There are such adventures and resources available that it’s almost beyond comprehension; it’s literally another life that awaits you when you log in.


Of course, when the general public are the creators of the world, there are some less enriching places and activities that can be found, but it’s easily avoidable.  Just like the real world, there are dark alleys in SL, so to speak.  However, it’s probably a much safer way for some people to live out other parts of their personalities and desires than in person.  And when can you be a vampire, a gunslinger, a builder, and a regular girl, all in one day?  Not even Halloween allows for that much change.  *grin*  


So expect to start seeing Bre on the blog, along with my friends at times, with information about what they’re wearing, etc., in case anyone is a user (or becomes a user) and would like to find these items.  Plus, it’s great practice in case I ever get to join an SL based blog!  If you decide that you would like to join SL and would like some help, don’t hesitate to contact me!  Just expect me/Bre to probably be in a sarcastic tee with fabulous hair when we meet.  😉


Bre Xmas 2017_002

Christmas decorating is exhausting



And a few collages of some adventures in the past few months…

(Never realized I wear that outfit so much lol)

And my incredibly landscaped and peaceful “home” with my “roommates” (before I went and changed it a couple of days ago; I need some new pics I just realized)

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