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Daily Archives: February 21, 2018


Have you ever stopped and realized the power of simple letters made into words?  Words can whisk you away on an adventure of fantasy, mystery, or romance.  They can tear a heart apart or make it soar with love and joy.  Words can make you dance, become your anthem during a breakup, or be the first song you dance to with your spouse at your wedding reception.


Words can bring a community together or tear it apart; unite a nation or start a war.  They can even be a call to action, to help your fellow man.


They can introduce you to your first child, be your final goodbye to a loved one, or forge a deep friendship.


Words have the power to endure long after we have passed away and they create these characters and worlds that we actually invest our lives in; we care about them and their journeys, their loves and losses, and lose ourselves in the magic of a mystical land that we would never have gone to otherwise.  They empower us to solve mysteries, to battle foes in harsh environments, and learn the lessons that our faith has for us.


Storytellers, authors, and scribes have kept history intact for future generations; to learn from, to feel a bond with those that came before you, to keep hope and joy in our hearts forever.


When you turn on your favorite television show, open a new book, or listen to someone’s podcast, I hope you take a moment to just be amazed at how simple letters fill your life.  And I hope that you realize how much value your words have; you have such power to impact other lives.


I thank you for inspiring me and the guest bloggers.

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