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I went back to Backdrop City and decided to get in theme for two areas.  I’ve been a bit more extreme since I’ve been running a fever with the second virus I got on top of the bronchitis, which is thankfully now improving after I caught the second one.  *laugh* So, I went sweet and feminine, and then I went to the extreme with some post butt kicking.  One of the best parts about SL is that you can be anything and anyone you want at any moment, so you can be sweet and spicy all in the same day!  By the way, I had a really hard time picking which photos I liked, now that I’m playing with windlights and poses, so I’m just going to do collages of my favorite four pictures from the two opposites.  *grin*


Bre’s Sugar Photo Shoot



Bre’s Spice Photo Shoot



I have a lot more pictures of the Harley Quinn shoot because I had so much fun, so expect to see another one, but it may take a few days to find a volunteer or two to become bloody victims.  *grin*  I honestly never thought about doing actual themed pictures before and seldom ever changed my windlight from CalWL or Name’s Optimal Skin and Prim, but I have learned that I have missed out on some interesting WLs for all of these years.  It’s also a lot more fun to do this than organize inventory or go through at least a thousand textures to pick one for the living room rug!


Now for some credits in case you want to go shopping or have a fun photo shoot.

Burlesque Bre:

Body, feet, and hands: Maitreya Lara

Head and eyes: LeLutka Simone 3.0

Shape: Own

Skin and Makeup applier: League – Amaia Medium

Nail Applier: Hello Dave – The Witching 4

Hair: Truth – Sassy 2 w/Roots in Pecan

Dress: Neve – Adler

Ring: Slipper – Bella Ring (Former Hunt Item)

Pantyhose applier – Blacklace

Shoes: -KC- Tiara Heels

Poses: Built in; oOo Studio: Sexpot, Surface; Image Essentials (IE): Woman Stands Sets (from different sets)

Location: Backdrop City Seductive Section


Bre’s Suicide Squad Version Harley Quinn:

Body, feet, and hands: Maitreya Lara

Head and eyes: LeLutka Simone 3.0

Shape: Own

Skin applier: League – Amaia Medium Skin (& Amaia Gloss Lipsticks in one picture)

Eyeshadow: Izzie’s: Fae Eyeshadows

Makeup in most pictures: Ghost’Ink – full Harley Quinn makeup

Hair: Truth – Lilo – Multitone 2 (for pastel pink streaks on one ponytail and pastel blue streaks on the other)

Nail Applier: Hello Dave – The Witching 4

Tattoo: AMA. – Blood Splatter (previous fair; cannot find Slurl for them)

Ring: Slipper – Belle (Former Hunt Item)

Costume: ~Edenia~ (MP) Harley Quinn outfit w/accessories and shoes

Poses: GingerFish Poses – (MP) One Shot, oOo Studio – Surface,

Image Essentials (IE): Woman Stands Sets (from different sets)

Location: Backdrop City Crime and Blood


Note: If you’re reading this and not on SL, but interested in joining the community, please send me an email and I’d be happy to help you get started with lots of helpful information and resources.  An awesome friend helped me shortly after I joined (and we became friends) and asked that I “pay it forward” for other new avatars, instead of paying him back, and after all of these years I still live by that.  🙂



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