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Shopping and A Little Unhealthy Competition

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Since Spring Cleaning is a bit tough for me I usually end up taking it into SL and organizing or changing things up.  It’s one of the few places I can be totally in control and get everything done without tiring out or paying the price tomorrow.  Win-win, except it can be a bit frustrating for my roommates.  *laugh*


I all ready changed up houses and furnishings in the past month, so all I need to do is finishing redecorating and then I’m done with the house for the moment.  That leaves landscaping and out buildings for me to fiddle with.  Mawahahaha.  (That’s for you, Z.  You’re welcome.  Go ahead and picture me rubbing my hands together with an evil smile, because I so did it when I thought of you sighing over me messing with the landscaping.)  We’ve had the same landscape through fall and winter, so I thought it was past time to get creative.  I dragged Luke along to Studio Skye’s Sim, where all landscaping products are displayed in a gorgeous sim layout, to help pick out some new pieces to incorporate into the home landscape.  We ended up wandering all over and appreciating the incredible areas, as well. 


Studio Skye 4 5 18_003


Even if you’re not into landscaping or have a LL home, so you can’t landscape, I still recommend visiting the sim.  It ranges from enchanted paths, mountains with cliffs, and even a beach area.  There’s a great snow area as well, so make sure to check it out come winter time, too.  Some of our favorite winter landscaping features are from there (and Christmas decor at Real Waves, of course).


We found some great mesh rock pieces and then an awesome little pond scene with a bunch of animations built in.  Although I’m a bit of a mesh snob and can’t stand prim trees usually, I’m a sucker for willow trees, and when I found a built in animation for sitting together, chatting, under the tree, I couldn’t resist getting it.  It’s a little more cuddly than I usually go for, but it’s just so enchanting!


Studio Skye 4 5 18_016


After spending my lindens we followed the sound of rushing water up and around the hill.  We found a beautiful waterfall piece overlooking the next scenery set up.  Although the sun was going down I bullied Luke into posing for a picture near the falls.  I honestly think it is one of the prettiest water pieces in SL right now.  Someday I hope to start our property all over again and use waterfalls as the starring feature of the landscape.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy them at Studio Skye.


Studio Skye 4 5 18_030


After a beautiful afternoon we decided to hit a new-to-us place in the Destination Guide.  It has a TP board full of locations to hang out and even drive or race.  Since Luke saw my new little vehicle, he decided to challenge me.  He had picked up the “Race-a-loo” while at Hogs and Cart Wheels doing the For Him hunt.   So it was a loo vs loo race, although it was a tad unfair, since his was so much bigger than mine, but I evened it out with the (nearly uncontrollable) speed of my little racer.  It was so funny I had to add an antique filter to the picture, since that’s going up on our living room picture gallery. How’d my dust taste, Luke?  *cracking up*


Bre and L pooper competition_005


Although the location was mostly prim based and not as scenic as I’m used to seeing on the Destination Guide, I love that they encouraged rezzing and riding on all areas of the sim, so when you’re looking for a new place to explore, don’t forget the Destination Guide.  And I’m just going to end it here, because I keep having to delete the bathroom humor that keeps popping into my mind while trying to write an ending for the post.  *laugh* I hope you have a wonderful week and get to find a fun adventure that will give you a few laughs.  🙂

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