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Bath biscuits

During some of my insomnia fueled research binges I found a cheap ebook for homemade spa and bath items. At $0.99 for some new ideas I was game. I’ve looked things over and set a few aside to experiment with. I decided tonight that I’d give the “bath cookies” recipe a spin with a few changes.

As you know I prefer sweet almond oil (SAO) as a carrier because it is good for the skin, has great spreadability, soothes the skin without clogging pores, and the silkiness lasts up to 9 hours. I substituted the SAO in place of the oils they used in their recipe and changed from Bergamot EO to a more indulgent winter combo of Chocolate FO and Purely Peppermint FO (mint cocoa – yum!!).

At first the blend seemed really neat and had an interesting consistency. To try and keep things even I used a cookie scoop, although I had to experiment for awhile to consistently scoop about .70 ounces each time (I developed a fun little twist and press method that somehow helped me be more consistent). I baked them and realized while the first batch of 15 were going that I was making a whole lot more than the recipe said it would yield. To be fair to myself the recipe was pretty dag on general with no tips on packaging, expected consistencies, how it would spread, etc. Anyway, with the cookie scooper I ended up with 40 “cookies”. I admit that I sat in a chair and stared at the first baked batch for awhile before continuing. Lol. First off they certainly did not brown at all, let alone the lightly that the recipe said to look for. Do not overbake was stressed, so once they baked almost twice as long as called for I said screw the looks. *grin* The second surprise is that they didn’t spread in the least. Since they were called a cookie I expected them to melt down into a tiny cookie no different than a standard cookie, since several of the base ingredients are the same. As you’ll see in the pictures they didn’t change in the slightest except hardening. I think mine are a little more like drop biscuits. Lol. Finally I was a little surprised to go to scoop up the second batch and they started falling apart. I poked around in the batter a bit and noticed that the interesting foam-like texture had faded into an almost streusel in the 8 minutes of baking and letting the first batch cool for a few to remove. After a little quick thinking I pulled the SAO back out and added a teaspoon, mixed it in as best as I could, and then added a second. I made the remaining mixture into a big clump to hold the moisture, but I still had a lot of problems with the biscuits crumbling as I ejected them from the scoop. Meh!

I will experiment with a few changes tomorrow hopefully and first off I will make the scoops way bigger. I’ll also try to bake as many as possible at once. If there is some mixture leftover from the first baking I’ll put Saran over it to hold the moisture as much as possible. In the meantime I’m not totally upset over these since they’re kind of fun, but I’m definitely disappointed. I soaked a bit to test and they dissolve fairly quickly. They leave a light silkiness and barely any scent; both should increase with longer exposure such as a full bath with them. I started out hoping they wouldn’t be like a homemade dog biscuit and I succeeded at that, so I’m calling this a half win. *grin* I’m attaching a few pictures for fun.




Arabian Nights and website changes

I’ve finally gotten over a wicked bug that hit me enough to finally work on the most recent order. I got an order for Sands of Morocco Goat’s Milk, version 3, lotion, among others, and boy did I enjoy working with it! It smells better in the lotion than when I was smelling it straight from the bottle. *happy sigh*

I decided to rename it Arabian Nights. When I was smelling the finished lotion it was so exotic and spicy that it made me think of Aladdin. I imagine that Jasmine would have soaked in such a scented bath or been pampered in a similar scented oil. I’m getting better at picking FOs apparently and love each new scent more than the last.

While thinking over needing to change the name of the FO on my website I also puzzled over how to make my site less overwhelming/intimidating. It dawned on me that since I have unlimited pages due to upgrading my site I could make different pages for the FOs. I decided to make a page (hmm, will it end up being close to two pages from enjoying dessert scents so much? *laugh*) named “Food Scents”, another as Men’s/Unisex Scents”, and I haven’t decided what to name the third page of FOs. I will put the florals, spa, and other non-food scents together. All suggestions are appreciated, as always. *grin*

While I’m changing my website I’m debating adding a super straightforward page. Some customers have had trouble with finding prices for things, so I’m thinking of make a page that simply lists the item, size, and price. No descriptions, no tie-ins, or anything. I figure it might help customers who know what they’re wanting, but don’t want to search (or get overwhelming looking) for the prices. I usually try to keep things compact, with as few pages as I can, but now I’m wondering if I’ve approached my website from the wrong point of view. Maybe if each variations had their own page, with a just pricing page too, then it’ll be easier for people to get to the specific section that they’re interested in. The Administrative side of me is delighted to have an excuse to retool the website, too. *grin*

I’m hoping to experiment with the ice cream soaps soon, and look forward to sharing that experience. In the meantime I’ll next share a picture of the sliced watermelon loaf soap experiment. I hope you have a great evening!

Honeymoon Basket

I have an order for a fun basket to be given as a wedding/honeymoon gift. It’s basically a retooling of my seduction basket and a bit more expensive. I’ve been thinking of redoing that basket for some time, as I’ve developed more recipes and expanded the options, so I’m pretty excited. Plus, it’s hard to get restless when it’s one of everything! Lol. I’m going to include the usual erotic dice, votive candles, feather, and erotic coupons, but I think it’s up to them to do a blindfold if they want one. *cheeky grin* There will be quite a variety of oils including peppermint EO, sensuality EO, Lovin’ with Licorice, Cotton Candy, South Pacific Waters (need a dash of sexy and refreshing in there), and then I think I’ll add in some bath salts. If I were close friends with the couple I’d consider a little tongue in cheek amusement by adding my muscle rub. Rofl. I’m staying professional though and debating what else to make for it. I’ve been doing research on aphrodisiac EOs, so I’ll add in some ylang ylang and look what blend has myrrh (can’t afford the regular, so it’s in one of the blends). I read that women are more turned on by a musky masculine scent than the “gentler” scents, so I’m debating which of my male line to go with. Sand Dune seems to be going over well with men, so I think I’ll probably end up with that, which I’ve never done in oils before.

If I’m being honest I must admit to being a little nervous. I think it’s a really fun and unique wedding gift, and I’m always amused by risqué gifts, but I wonder how other wedding guests will take such an item? Truthfully it’s not really my concern, but it has my business name all over everything, so I want to walk that line on the right side. Lol.

Anyway, I think I might add a few soap cordials and mini bottles of products that can be used on their honeymoon for the everyday instead of just bedroom, too, like some lotion. It’s fun to have free rein, but it’s hard to decide what everyone will like when you don’t really know them. Lol.

I should probably go get started. I have a delivery of FOs and a couple of new molds that will arrive any day, and we know how distracted I get by my deliveries. *grin* I ordered the cutest soap mold that I can’t wait to blog about…

New scents

While I anxiously await the delivery of my sale order with delightful new options, I finally wrote up the previous new scent descriptions lol.

The Deluxe Vanilla is just what you expect. *wink* I honestly think that I’ll replace my regular vanilla with this, so I can have a stronger scented product. I don’t know why the government has limited the percentage of the main vanilla that I use to such an extent, but this is perfect for that extra punch of yumminess. *grin*

I got a good Piña Colada to replace my drunken version. It’s very tropical with a strong pineapple note (as expected). The coconut is a little lighter than I expected, but I really like this version.

The Cedarwood EO smells amazing. I’m a sucker for the smell of a wood shop anyway, so this just delights me. To top it off, it is thought to have medicinal properties, so bonus!

A new FO that totally intrigues me is Frosted Snowdrops. I’m going to have to rename that, because it is so misleading in my opinion. It’s definitely not a holiday themed scent to me. It’s a complex floral with some musk. This FO has me coming back, trying to identify the notes. It’s very clean, feminine, and sexy though, so I’ll need to pick an intriguing name for it. I want to hear what notes others pick up when checking it out. *grin*

Oh, pure yummy bakery describes Angel Food Cake. It’s similar to the Deluxe Vanilla, but with a baked pastry note to it. *happy sigh* It’s like sniffing at the bakery without the temptation to add to the hips. *grin* I get the slightest note of almond to soften the scent too, which just delights me. Can you tell that I’m excited about this one?? Lol. I bet that customers who like Cake Batter FO will love this one too. *crossing fingers with a smile* Yum!

I also found another chocolate that I actually like. I have so many FOs in my “meh” box, with several being variations of chocolate, but this is a keeper. It reminds me of the chocolate that is used to scent chocolate candles. Do you know what I mean? It’s almost a brownie scent with some attempts at milk chocolate. I’m excited to blend this with the Fudge Brownie FO to see what bit of PMS heaven I can get. *grin*

Two last FOs have a lot in common. Caribbean Coconut FO is much better than the plain coconut FO that I have, which will retire to the meh box. This is a great coconut with the softest note of pineapple to sweeten it slightly. The other, Sun & Sand, also has coconut, but it’s the coconut suntan lotion variety. *smile* This FO is just how it is named. Salty water, fresh air, and suntan lotion. A vacation at the beach all on one FO. I’m really happy with these two.

Now, before I get too antsy, I better get my new order to huff all over. Lol. I can’t really say “drool over”, since I sound more like a cocaine addict, sniffing and huffing all my stuff. Rofl. Or so I’m told. *grin* Anyway, my cold medicine is kicking in, so time for a nap. Have a great day and I hope you had a wonderful holiday! 🙂

A Little Fun

Well, I got injured a few days ago and put my time to good use – I put in a supply order.  Lol.  Remember that post a while back about not getting any new FOs?  Um…slap my hands now *grin*  Since my drunken pina colada turned out so below my expectations Ibought a five star pina colada FO.  I also got a caribbean coconut that has great crafter reviews and an angel food cake FO that sounds amazing.  I’m hoping that it will help boost my vanillas…along with the deluxe vanilla that I added too.  Rofl.  I got a cedarwood EO and a Hershey’s-like chocolate FO.  I want something a little different from the fudge brownie that I usually use.  I got two free FOs too – Sun & Sand (what a great one for Summer!) and Frosted Snowdrops.  I read reviews that most crafters sell it out year round.  Oh, I am so excited! 

I got a few other items, too.  I got some citric acid powder to make some fizzy bath salts (fun idea, isn’t it?!).  I also got some honey powder to improve the Acne Bee Gone soaps, too.  I’m so impressed with the awesome benefits of honey that I figured a versatile version would be an awesome additive in some of my products.  Super sparkle iridescent glitter has been on my wish list for awhile and I went for it.  Lol.  Now that I’m experimenting more and inspired to make new soaps, it became a must. *grin* The last additive that I am so excited about is another emulsifying wax.  My other one gives my lotions a thicker, creamy, and protective feel.  This new one is more of a soft, silky, whipped, and powdery feel.  Some people just aren’t into the feel of lotion and I think this will be a great alternative. 

I also found an e-book that gave some great inspirations, too.  The most exciting thing I want to try is “bath cookies”.  What a neat idea!  They even get baked! Lol.  This book is where I read about making fizzy bath salts, too.  I’m very happy that when I’m out of commission I can find great inspirations.  Back to recovering for now, but exciting things to come!! 🙂


I’m always amused by people bantering around the term “smell-a-vision” and right now I wish there was a version available so that I could post the new FOs for you to smell 🙂

The new snowflake FO (not yet renamed, but it’s down to a few for me to decide on) is amazing. I am really happy with it and excited. Plum is the main note and I’ve never smelled such a nice version. There is a moderately strong under note of pine that really deepens the plum and adds an amazing complexity. When you hear pine you automatically either think Christmas or car fresheners usually. I honestly think it gives such a great earthiness to scent profiles, especially when a scent could have been really perfume-y otherwise. There are hints of orange and clove, which certainly does tip the FO into a holiday scent profile, but it is so robust and almost sensual that I think it’ll be awesome most of the year (I just have to have my bubblegum and bright scents during the hottest months *grin*). I really hope it sells well, because I’m so excited about it. I think I’m adding it as a massage oil in the seduction basket maybe. *little excited jig*

The Island Margarita FO is a lot more complex than I expected, that’s for sure. For a tropical scent I didn’t expect a top note of peach. It’ll be interesting to see what notes others pick up, since mine tends to be super sensitive. The pineapple really works well with the berry blend in it, and somehow it comes across as a tender scent in some ways. I think I may change it from “Island Margarita” to some other cocktail; a fufu girly drink that requires an adorable little umbrella. *teasing wink* It’ll definitely be a great addition to the cocktail scented line that I’m so excited about!

The pineapple FO won’t be available for order. I think that I’m going to use it to make blends. It is a very sweet and juicy scent. Honestly it is more like a candy or overripe fruit. Do you know what I mean? That extra sweet scent that gets so cloying after a moment that you wrinkle your nose…Instead of being disappointed about it not being great by itself like other crafter reviews stated I think it’ll do great with the coconut for Pina colada, and I want to see what it’ll be like with a touch of vanilla or with gumdrops. I think the vanilla will make a softer fruit dessert scent profile while the pineapple should, in theory, really boost the gumdrops to smell like fresh candies. Yum either way!

Although it’s a replacement for one I’m low on, I’m still super excited that I got more Rootbeer Float FO (aka Soda Shoppe). I got a big bottle of it and love huffing it. Lol. I have to quit saying one or another is my favorite now. I think I currently have eight favorites with this one challenging my lovely Edward’s Kiss for top of the list. *happy sigh* What a delightful conundrum to have! *grin* I hope you also have such wonderful conundrums in your life today!


I pushed myself and made some progress Tuesday while Larry was installing some insulation in the attic. I don’t typically work on products on his day off, but I pushed myself to take advantage of having some alone time to hit a few more goals. I made 6 bottles of lotion. I realized while doing inventory the other night that I didn’t have enough lotions to make the Twilight lotion combos for the event, so I made up a few of Edward’s Kiss. After that I decided that I really wanted a Cherry on Top lotion. Wow! It turned out absolutely fantastic! I’m tickled. *grin* The maximum amount of the cherry FO under the guidelines, which I technically don’t have to fully follow yet try to, is .3 ML per every 2 ounces of lotion, so I was really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get the scent that I wanted. However, I did the math and added up to just below the max, and balanced the chocolate mousse and maraschino cherry FOs wonderfully. *happy sigh* I unmolded the soaps I made yesterday and actually remembered to update my inventory spreadsheet too. Rock on!

The little dessert cake soaps came out kind of cute in their first stage. I got a dark devil’s food cake color with the clear soap base, so I managed to avoid the unwanted pastel that I accidentally made during my first effort. Lol. I’ve been debating between making a complimentary scented sugar scrub and using my mini melon baller to scoop a tiny bit on top of the cakes to look like a la mode, then drizzle the soap glaze down the whole bit. I’ve been mentally running pros and cons of scrub or doing a small pour of soap and making the ice cream out of it after it does the first set up. I am leaning toward scrub since it is more forgiving than soap. With some force scrub can be manipulated rather well. I might spend some time making shapes with the scrub when in the shower. I’m not saying that I do, but I might. *cheesy grin*

I was preparing to make another batch of acne soap when I heard a crash in the living room. Larry came through the ceiling part way and my couch was covered in the nasty, crumbling, old insulation and chunks of the sheetrock. I ended up cleaning that up instead of finishing the soap. Man was there some impressive timing. I hadn’t heated or poured the soap, so no loss and I can jump right into the batch tomorrow or Thursday. Plus, if I hadn’t pushed myself to work on soap I would have been buried under the fallen ceiling and insulation. I recognize the blessings. Larry is banged up, but I’m fairly well experienced with pain management, so it won’t be too bad. Things could have gone a lot worse. I also now am thankful that I’m preparing for the event. Lol.

One last part before I post and head to bed. I made a coffee and cocoa face mask today. It requires milk to be added to it, to make a paste. I have been going through stocking stuffer-like product options and have been itching to start some coffee products. I mixed up the powdered ingredients and put into cute little plastic bags with a holiday print on them, then twist tied them (metallic red twist ties to stay in theme of course *grin*), and will print out instructions to attach to the bags. I personally would be irritated to get just one treatment in my stocking. I really that it sounds bratty, but it’s more of a desire to make sure I can duplicate the good results before I buy the replacement and stick with the line. It may not sound logical to people, but it’s my logic and I’m cool with that. *grin* In light of my own preferences I put a double batch in each bag. The customer just pours half out into a bowl, stirs in some milk to make the paste, and applies to cleansed skin. I’m going to put a little side bar on the instruction sheet. I personally couldn’t stand having it sit on my skin for a full fifteen minutes (supposedly that’s how long it takes for the ingredients to firm, tone, and soothe the skin, but seriously? That’s rather subjective in my opinion and I’m not going to listen to the governmental person that decided to tell crafters how long their customers should leave stuff on for. Buh.). I used it more as a thick scrub and decided to finish cleaning up, and then rinsed it off while I was all ready in the water. I’m going to mention that option. I did one side and not the other, and there was a true difference that could be felt. Not to mention that I loved smelling what is basically a mocha. Ohhhhh yeahhh. Okay, I’m done cheesing. Anyway, I was talking with my mom and she’s absolutely delighted to hear about this new product. She wants me to start with at least 6 bags at the event. Whatever doesn’t sell she’s going to buy for Christmas gifts. *grin* If they all sell, then I have to make another batch pronto. Lol. I absolutely love when people are excited about stuff that I make! It brings back that elation that I use to get from doing poetry readings and competitions, or when I did my artwork. It’s small, but you touch someone’s life, and have a good impact. That’s such an awesome gift for both people. I’m all ready blessed to know that you will be reading this and interested in my little adventures. *smile* On that note, I hope that you have such a blessing today!

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