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I’m always amused by people bantering around the term “smell-a-vision” and right now I wish there was a version available so that I could post the new FOs for you to smell 🙂

The new snowflake FO (not yet renamed, but it’s down to a few for me to decide on) is amazing. I am really happy with it and excited. Plum is the main note and I’ve never smelled such a nice version. There is a moderately strong under note of pine that really deepens the plum and adds an amazing complexity. When you hear pine you automatically either think Christmas or car fresheners usually. I honestly think it gives such a great earthiness to scent profiles, especially when a scent could have been really perfume-y otherwise. There are hints of orange and clove, which certainly does tip the FO into a holiday scent profile, but it is so robust and almost sensual that I think it’ll be awesome most of the year (I just have to have my bubblegum and bright scents during the hottest months *grin*). I really hope it sells well, because I’m so excited about it. I think I’m adding it as a massage oil in the seduction basket maybe. *little excited jig*

The Island Margarita FO is a lot more complex than I expected, that’s for sure. For a tropical scent I didn’t expect a top note of peach. It’ll be interesting to see what notes others pick up, since mine tends to be super sensitive. The pineapple really works well with the berry blend in it, and somehow it comes across as a tender scent in some ways. I think I may change it from “Island Margarita” to some other cocktail; a fufu girly drink that requires an adorable little umbrella. *teasing wink* It’ll definitely be a great addition to the cocktail scented line that I’m so excited about!

The pineapple FO won’t be available for order. I think that I’m going to use it to make blends. It is a very sweet and juicy scent. Honestly it is more like a candy or overripe fruit. Do you know what I mean? That extra sweet scent that gets so cloying after a moment that you wrinkle your nose…Instead of being disappointed about it not being great by itself like other crafter reviews stated I think it’ll do great with the coconut for Pina colada, and I want to see what it’ll be like with a touch of vanilla or with gumdrops. I think the vanilla will make a softer fruit dessert scent profile while the pineapple should, in theory, really boost the gumdrops to smell like fresh candies. Yum either way!

Although it’s a replacement for one I’m low on, I’m still super excited that I got more Rootbeer Float FO (aka Soda Shoppe). I got a big bottle of it and love huffing it. Lol. I have to quit saying one or another is my favorite now. I think I currently have eight favorites with this one challenging my lovely Edward’s Kiss for top of the list. *happy sigh* What a delightful conundrum to have! *grin* I hope you also have such wonderful conundrums in your life today!

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