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If I mention ordering new scents, please slap my hands. Lol. That entire shelf with the forest of pipettes is filled with FOs and EOs. Remember when I was amazed with the first flat of them? *blush* I think I need to admit that I am an addict and have a problem. Lol. The left flat is food, middle EOs, and right is for non-food FOs. I hate to think of just how expensive that shelf is! Lol. I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about earthquakes shaking that shelf 😉 I must admit, though, that I am thoroughly stocked for summer, except for one more order of goat’s milk base. No matter how much insomnia I have, I’m going to avoid my wholesaler’s website like the plague and stop my late night shopping *grin*

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  1. Vanessa Nakoski

    Late night wholesale shopping is the bane of my existence! One month, I spent at least $2,000 on bulk oils, essential oils, colorants, and gods only know what else! Since that binge, I’ve been trying to stay strong. Solidarity against bulk web-shopping!


    • Wow, I did that in two months, but managed to spread it out so that it didn’t gain my husband’s attention lol. Your delivery day had to have been heavenly! *grin* It’s like childhood Christmas for adults in my opinion. Lol. I feel so much better for my shelf of FOs now 😉 They make it just too easy to go wild during late night shopping, especially if you’re trying to not snack and reading about those luscious food scents *sigh*


      • Vanessa Nakoski

        I tried to spread it out over many nights that month, but eventually my boyfriend noticed that we were getting boxes every single day and asked what was going on haha!


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