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A little funk

I managed to get myself up and made a batch each of goat’s milk V2 and V3. Interestingly enough the silky emulsifying wax (V3) melted and incorporated much better and quicker than the pot of V2. That was admittedly a little surprising, since the first batch of V3 I ever made had odd little bulbs of wax that didn’t fully melt and incorporate. Granted that it looked really freaking cool in a colored bottle of lotion (think small tapioca pearls kind of look in a gorgeous lavender lotion).

Anyway, I made two batches of samples and then some 4 oz bottles to have on hand for the citywide garage sale next week (or the one after). I decided that I should make Soda Shoppe in V3 for those that love the scent, but don’t want the thick feeling of the V2 that I have on hand. Of course I was tickled making that and having a little to “test”. *wink*

I decided to do some unscented, dreamsicle, and spa; all best sellers except unscented. They smelled so good and made a tremendous mess. Lol. When I started cleaning up I had little blobs of lotion left behind and I hated to wash it out, so I figured I’d utilize the extras as I was washing the equipment up.

I really didn’t think about the funk from rubbing in dabs of these scents all over. Add some lavender, which I can’t stand the smell of anyway, and I’m a walking sensory what-not-to-wear example. *cracking up* I still like the spa on my elbow and it works well with most of the scents. The dreamsicle and root beer float make a horrible scent when mixed, I must admit.

I really need to think through these things. Lol. I need to make another batch of sample lotions and maybe some bubble wash. I’m not sure what I’ll have my helpers do other than attach lotion labels tomorrow. I planned on making bath cookies with them, which I think will be a super fun new product, but discovered that I’m out of cornstarch, so I’m back to the drawing board. I might let them help me pour Acne Bee Gone Soaps or Mechanic soaps, since they enjoyed the fact that they really had a hand in making the last batch of soaps. Whatever we do, I’m not wearing more than one scent, that’s for sure!!

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I had a tiny bath and body business which focused on pampering. Since the business had to close due to health reasons, I write post about a variety of topics, ranging from Invisible Diseases and being a Spoonie, to fun and DIY things.

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  1. Vanessa Nakoski

    That’s the danger of body products, I think. Each time I demonstrate the scented lotions I have to remember to pick up the plain sample I use or else I end up smelling like a horrible potpourri! I let the customers use the scented testers, but I stick with the plain.

    It also helps that I keep the tiny scraps of soap to turn into fabric soap balls (less guilt about the waste).


    • I try to stick with a specific scent group usually and this round I had a tiny extra of each, but not enough to even put in an ounce bottle to sample, so exactly like you described – I became a horrible potpourri lol. Usually if I over pour I have enough to just pour as a sampler. Very smart idea about plain for demos! Thank you!!

      Mind telling me about your fabric soap balls sometime, please? I’m super curious 🙂 I usually put my scraps into a little lidded bowl and melt together, then decide what it smells most like. The last time I came up with “At the Fair”, since it had most all of the scents you’d expect from the fair (minus animals lol). I have fun with the scraps. Or I will do layered soaps in tiny molds to use up the little bits that compliment one another.


      • Vanessa Nakoski

        I have a lot of scrap fabric because I also quilt, so whenever I have a lot of soap scraps left, I make a little fabric pillow and fill it with soap scraps. It’s easier to hold and cheap to make, so I sell them at a serious discount and market them for children and the elderly (so if it falls on the floor of the shower, they’re not stepping on a bar of soap). I usually sell them for about $1.

        I mostly do this because I’m never happy with my rebatched soap. I probably don’t have enough patience to do it right haha!


      • That is such a clever idea! Thank you for explaining it. Wholesale Supplies Plus sells bath tea bags that are disposable that might be handy for you. What a great way to use both leftovers!


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