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Lava soap has nothing on me


*grin* I couldn’t resist spouting off. I decided to alter my mechanic’s soap a bit after some reading and exploring textures. My original mechanic’s soap focused on the pumice, just like the traditional soap. I played a bit with the recipe for Christmas gifts and took it a step further this time. Now I have finely ground oatmeal, the pumice, finely ground apricot seed, and now milled flax seed. It definitely made an odd looking slurry, although my helpers thought it was “so weirdly cool”. It has a grainy texture from the pumice and then a real sloughing ability due to the other additives. I can’t wait to see how it works against Goodyear residue. Usually that’s my big test for male items. Lol. My scrubs sell decently for men strictly because I can honestly attest that it is (hopefully was *crossing fingers*) the only product to ever remove the Goodyear residue on my husband’s hands and arms. No commercial item has ever worked well. I had a heck of a happy dance when he tested the scrub and was in awe as he showed me the results. I’m really hoping that testing of this version works as well. I’m also thinking about using this recipe with my luffa slices to make an extreme exfoliation combo. Top it off with my new Twilight Woods for Men FO and I might have a new best seller. (Dude, it smells soooo sexy *dreamy sigh*) Anyway, I couldn’t wait to share. They’re not pretty, but hopefully they work wonderfully. I know that I was happy to use some goat’s milk lotion after handling it, since I definitely got an exfoliation lol. Sweet dreams!

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